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Helm chart to install Gitlab

This chart is based on my manifests for manual deployment with lots of improvements.

Some of the features:

  • Fully automated installation of Gitlab.
  • Register and manage Letsencrypt certificates with kube-lego
  • Deploys PostgreSQL, Redis and Minio as part of the setup
  • Deploys fully configured Docker registry with external domain (letsencrypt) and integration with gitlab.
  • Semi-automatic creating of Runner
  • Ability to customize any of the environment variables


  • Kubernetes 1.5 (for StatefulSets support).
  • PV support on the underlying infrastructure
  • Helm 2.2.0 (for conditions and flags support)

Quick installation

# add repository (needed for dependencies)
$ helm repo add lwolf-charts

# get default values.yaml file
$ curl -o values-test.yaml

# install
$ helm install -f values-test.yaml lwolf-charts/gitlab

# establish DNS
# if running with minikube, add an entry in /etc/hosts to the result of `$ minikube ip`

# Wait until gitlab is up and running.
$ while ! curl --output /dev/null --silent --head --fail; do sleep 1 && echo -n .; done

# Open gitlab runner configuration and check that Runner is successfully registered.
# Copy token and run upgrade.
$ helm upgrade -f values-test.yaml --set runner.token=<TOKEN> <install-name> lwolf-charts/gitlab --namespace=gitlab


  • [x] splitting registry/runner into separate charts
  • [x] Add support for gitlab pages
  • [x] Upgrade to v9
  • [x] Upgrade to Kubernetes 1.6+
  • [x] more flexible runner configuration
  • [ ] testing/refactoring
  • [ ] monitoring of the whole thing in Prometheus

Support on Beerpay

Hey dude! Help me out for a couple of 🍻!

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