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Online reporting application to generate reports from JMeter(Taurus), Locust and other tools by either uploading JTL(csv) file or streaming data from the test run continuously. JtlReporter's main objective is to help you to understand your performance reports better and to spot performance regression.


  • Detailed performance report
  • Test run comparison
  • Performance regression alerts
  • Performance insights
  • and more.

Installation steps

  1. Install Docker (Engine, Compose)
  2. Clone this repository and navigate into cloned folder
  3. Deploy JtlReporter using docker-compose within the same folder
$ docker-compose up -d
  1. Open in your browser IP address of deployed environment at port 2020
$ http://IP_ADDRESS:2020
  1. Default credentials
username: admin
password: 2Txnf5prDknTFYTVEXjj

Documentation 📖

For additional information please refer to the documentation.

Repositories structure

JtlReporter consists of the following parts:


Item detail


Jtl Reporter is GNU Affero General Public License v3.0 licensed (frontend, backend and listener).

This repository is MIT licensed.

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