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The Top 43 Performance Testing Open Source Projects

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Locust 12,156
Scalable user load testing tool written in Python
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Awesome Test Automation 3,451
A curated list of awesome test automation frameworks, tools, libraries, and software for different programming languages. Sponsored by
Speedracer 1,867
Collect performance metrics for your library/application.
Httprunner 1,814
One-stop solution for HTTP(S) testing.
Fortio 1,161
Fortio load testing library, command line tool, advanced echo server and web UI in go (golang). Allows to specify a set query-per-second load and record latency histograms and other useful stats.
Phpbench 1,038
PHP Benchmarking framework
Falco 661
Falco helps you monitor, analyze, and optimize your websites.
Tcpreplay 586
Pcap editing and replay tools for *NIX and Windows - Users please download source from
Image Actions 533
A Github Action that automatically compresses JPEGs, PNGs and WebPs in Pull Requests.
Boomer 524
A better load generator for locust, written in golang.
Inspectit 496
inspectIT is the leading Open Source APM (Application Performance Management) tool for analyzing your Java (EE) applications.
Drill 487
Drill is a HTTP load testing application written in Rust inspired by Ansible syntax
Cpp Serializers 471
Benchmark comparing various data serialization libraries (thrift, protobuf etc.) for C++
Expecto 400
A smooth testing lib for F#. APIs made for humans! Strong testing methodologies for everyone!
Rspec Benchmark 386
Performance testing matchers for RSpec
Performance 342
⏱ PHP performance tool analyser your script on time, memory usage and db query. Support Laravel and Composer for web, web console and command line interfaces.
Go Wrk 338
go-wrk - a HTTP benchmarking tool based in spirit on the excellent wrk tool (
Jmeter Maven Plugin 322
The JMeter Maven Plugin
Goben 310
goben is a golang tool to measure TCP/UDP transport layer throughput between hosts.
Awesome Jmeter 291
A collection of resources covering different aspects of JMeter usage
Web Tooling Benchmark 250
JavaScript benchmark for common web developer workloads
Pewpew 218
Flexible HTTP command line stress tester for websites and web services
Nbomber 214
Very simple load testing framework for Pull and Push scenarios.
Performance Testing Framework 204
Framework allows to perform load testing with Apache Jmeter, view application/server metrics in real-time with Grafana, analyze errors cause with detailed traces for failed requests, compare different test runs in scripted dashboard and perform frontend performance testing with
N_plus_one_control 157
RSpec and Minitest matchers to prevent N+1 queries problem
Deli 141
Hargo 132
Hargo is a Go library and command line utility that parses HAR files, can convert to curl format, and serve as a load test driver.
Jmeter Control Center 123
Online web application-dashboard for report analyzing,running and online monitoring of load tests started with JMeter
Shadowreader 121
Serverless load testing for replaying website traffic. Powered by AWS Lambda.
Webapibenchmark 118
Web api management and performance testing tools
Gatling Dubbo 116
A gatling plugin for running load tests on Apache Dubbo( and other java ecosystem.
Dynamometer 109
A tool for scale and performance testing of HDFS with a specific focus on the NameNode.
Mqperf 104
Wedgetail 74
Time your functions in your tests
Suman 57
🌇 🌆 🌉 Advanced, user-friendly, language-agnostic, super-high-performance test runner.
Hrrs 54
Record, transform, and replay HTTP requests in Java EE and Spring applications.
Tracer 41
Tracer is a simple network speed test app. Deploy this on your own server. Open your tracer on your browser on your own device. And you can test your speed between you and your server or diagnose network issue.
Stormer 37
Wrappers for making load test with locust more convienient.
Docker Google Lighthouse 32
Google Lighthouse - Docker Image
Swoole Performance Tests 32
Performance tests of swoole against other PHP application server setups
Meshery Linkerd 18
Meshery adapter for Linkerd
Sysbench Docker Hpe 14
Sysbench Dockerfiles and Scripts for VM and Container benchmarking MySQL
Woocommerce Loadimpact 12
Scenarios for ``, written against Liquid Web's WooCommerce sample data.
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