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Blockchain Developer Nanodegree (nd1309)

Lessons and Projects of Udacity Blockchain Developer Nanodegree (160 hours)


Course 1: Blockchain Fundamentals

Lesson Description Learning Outcomes
ONE Blockchain Basics • Explain core components that make a blockchain secure and powerful.
• Define blockchain protocols and their key differ.
TWO Managing Blockchain Transactions • Create and manage identity on the Bitcoin Blockchain and establish proof-of-ownership with blockchain transactions, without the need to provide sensitive information.
THREE Bitcoin core Testnet • Explain the benefits of utilizing the Bitcoin Core testnet.
• Describe the difference between the public testnet and regression testing.
FOUR Blockchain Data • Learn the relationship between different stages of transaction lifecycle using Bitcoin Core.
FIVE Private Blockchains • Explain the value of a private blockchain, and prepare for the course project.
SIX Digital Assets on Blockchain • Encode and decode digital assets on a private blockchain, and publicly prove ownership of the assets using digital identity.

Course 2: Ethereum Smart Contracts, Tokens, and Dapps

Lesson Description Learning Outcomes
ONE Ethereum Fundamentals and Development Tools • Describe the fundamentals of Ethereum and how it is different from Bitcoin.
TWO Smart Contracts with Solidity • Learn Solidity, a Turing complete smart contract language.
• Learn about different token standards (ERC-721, ERC-20).
• Create a fungible (ERC-20) token on Ethereum using Solidity.
THREE Ethereum APP • Develop, test and deploy a fully-functioning Dapp that allows users to create, buy and sell unique stars.

Course 3: Blockchain Architecture

Lesson Description Learning Outcomes
ONE Planning Blockchain Solutions • Learn the correct technology stack to layer services and provide software solutions.
• Design supporting visuals with Unified Modeling Language (UML).
TWO Privacy • Implement several techniques to enhance privacy of blockchain such as merkle trees, zero-knowledge proofs.
THREE Security & Maintenance • Identify architecture security and maintenance risks.
FOUR Distributed file system • Create your own website and Dapp on the new decentralized storage protocol.

Course 4: Dapp with Autonomous Smart Contracts and Oracles

Lesson Description Learning Outcomes
ONE Multiparty control and payments with smart contracts • Build Dapp with secure, multi-sig smart contracts.
TWO ORACLES • Utilize third-party data sources to inform autonomous smart contracts.
THREE Handing smart contract payments • Create, and test, secure and cost-efficient smart contracts that handle, distribute, and test ETH payments to a smart contract.

Course 5: Capstone Project

Lesson Description Learning Outcomes
ONE ZK-SNARKS • Learn how to implement ZK-SNARKs using Zokarates framework.


Project Name Description Folder Course Parts Screenshot
1. Private Block Chain Create Your Own Private Blockchain:
- Building your own Private Blockchain utilizing Node.js.
link PART 1 - Welcome to the Blockchain Revolution
PART 2 - Blockchain Fundamentals
Estimated time: 21 days
2. Priv_BlockChain Build CryptoStar Dapp on Ethereum link PART 3 -Ethereum Smart Contracts, Tokens and Dapps
Estimated time: 21 days
3. Dapp Supply Chain Ethereum Dapp for Tracking Items through Supply Chain link PART 4-Blockchain Architecture
Estimated time: 21 days
4. Linkedin Improve Your LinkedIn Profile link PART 5-Career Services
Estimated time: 1 day
5. Github Optimize Your Github Profile link PART 5-Career Services
Estimated time: 1 day
6. Dapp FlightSurety FlightSurety: Flight insurance link PART 6-Dapp with autonomous smart contracts and oracles
Estimated time: 20 days
7. Capstone Capstone: Real Estate Marketplace link PART 6-Capstone
Estimated time: 21 days
Total estimated time: 106 days


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