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Awesome Open Source

Blockchain Developer Nanodegree

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1. Manage Your Blockchain Identity ✅

Learn to create your identity on the Blockchain and interact with an existing web service.

2. Building your own Private Blockchain ✅

Building your own Private Blockchain utilizing Node.js with LevelDB.

3. RESTful Web API with Node.js Framework ✅

Create a web API using a Node.js framework that will interact with your private blockchain to submit and retrieve blockchain data.

4. Build a Private Blockchain Notary Service ✅

Utilizing your existing web API, you will create a star registry notarization service.

5. Descentralized Star Notary Project ✅

Build additional functionality with your smart contract and deploy it on the public testnet to create a DApp.


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NANO: xrb_3d68nt9yttgok7a54n8pakyz7jkp65dgzhcycjz1397kno1iog493bxsmxa9

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