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i3-autodisplay is a i3wm display auto-configuration for multiple monitors

Go Report Card GitHub release (latest SemVer)


Pre requisites

xrandr program

Pre built binary

Fetch the latest release.

From sources

git clone
cd i3-autodisplay
go build cmd/i3-autodisplay/i3-autodisplay.go


i3-autodisplay requires a configuration file to work. The configuration file can be loaded from these locations:

  • $XDG_HOME/i3-autodisplay/config.yml
  • $HOME/.config/i3-autodisplay/config.yml
  • Specified via -config parameter

In your i3wm configuration add the following line:

exec --no-startup-id <path to i3-autodisplay>

Usage via command line:

./i3-autodisplay -config sample_config.yml

Sample configuration file:

  - name: eDP1
    workspaces: [1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0]
  - name: HDMI1
    workspaces: [2,4,6,8]
    randr_extra_options: "--left-of eDP1"
  - name: DP1
    workspaces: [1,3,5,7,9]
    randr_extra_options: "--left-of HDMI1"

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