Pwpush Cli

🔑 A nodeJS CLI wrapper to easily push passwords to PasswordPusher
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Lightweight solution for using encrypted passwords in shell scripts
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A nodeJS CLI wrapper to easily push passwords to


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npm install -g pwpush-cli


pwpush <password> [parameters] [options]

# Long version
pwpush [email protected] --days 1 --views 2

# Short version
pwpush [email protected] -d 1 -v 2

Tip: The secure generated link should be automatically be copied to the clipboard. Just paste it 🍻


--days | -d

Type: integer
Default value: 7

Number of days until the password is deleted.

--views | -v

Type: integer
Default value: 5

Number of visualizations until the password is deleted.

--disallow-delete | -r

Disallow the viewer to delete the password before expiration (by default viewers are allowed to delete the password)



Disable password strength verification. Not recommended!!
Read more about OWASP security guideline.


Display package version.

--help | -h

Display help usage information.


Bug reports and Pull Requests are welcome!


MIT License © Leandro Nunes

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