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NBA Player Movements

This is a script for visualization of NBA games from raw SportVU logs.

If you admire both Spurs' and Warriors' ball movement, Brad Stevens' playbook, or just miss KD in OKC you'll find this entertaining.


Spurs Warriors Celtics Durant


  1. Clone this repo:
$ git clone
  1. Choose any NBA game from data/2016.NBA.Raw.SportVU.Game.Logs directory.

  2. Generate an animation for the play by running the following script:

$ python3 --path=[email protected] --event=140
required arguments:
  --path PATH    a path to json file to read the events from

optional arguments:
  --event EVENT  an index of the event to create the animation to
                 (the indexing start with zero, if you index goes beyond out
                 the total number of events (plays), it will show you the last
                 one of the game)
  -h, --help     show the help message and exit

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