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Lutro Build Status

Experimental Lua game framework for libretro, following the LÖVE API.

Lutro is software rendered and implements only a subset of the LÖVE API. It targets portability though the libretro API and backed in dependancies.

Sample Games


Through RetroArch, use the Lutro core to load the game's source directory:

retroarch -L path/to/gamedir/

Alternatively, you can load a compressed .lutro file:

retroarch -L game.lutro


Compile Lutro by installing the RetroArch dependencies, and running:


There are a few optional defines you can use to change how Lutro behaves.

  • make HAVE_COMPOSITION=1 Enables alpha-blending.


Run the Lutro testing suite by executing:

make test

To run tests manually, run:

retroarch -L path/to/ test

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