🔥 A custom view pull to refresh,support ScrollView,ListView,RecyclerView,WebView and all another views, easy to use
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Springview1,84153 years ago2April 14, 201977apache-2.0Java
🔥 A custom view pull to refresh,support ScrollView,ListView,RecyclerView,WebView and all another views, easy to use
Blogpost Codesample Pulltorefresh489
8 years ago1Objective-C
A custom pull to refresh animation where timeOffset is used to control the timing as you drag down
8 years agoJava
Another PullToRefreshList with drop effect.
Lightbulb Easyrecyclerview5
19 days agoapache-2.0Kotlin
EasyRecyclerView is an all-in-one easy to use RecyclerView library for Android that allows you to create custom and interactive user interfaces quickly and efficiently. With its lightweight and fully customizable code, EasyRecyclerView is the perfect solution for any app developer looking to create beautiful and responsive RecyclerViews.
6 years agoJavaScript
a plugin of pullupToLoading and pulldownToRefresh
Vue Swipeable3
3 years agomitTypeScript
Vue-swipeable is a Vue directive that serves multiple purposes on mobile devices (swipe-away, pull-to-refresh, swipe-to-reveal).
Alternatives To Springview
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SpringView is one provides the function of the upper and lower drag and drop components, can be highly customized, implement all kinds of drop-down \ pull painting effect, implementation in the demo: imitation ali travel, imitation Meituan, imitation QQ drop-down brush red envelopes, imitation acfun etc., is fully compatible with the source control such as ListView, RecyclerView, ScrollView, WebView, etc., using a simple, easily customize their style of drag and drop page 这里写图片描述

SpringView Individual independence will head/foot, almost achieve the effect of whatever you want, just need to inherit BaseHeader (or Footer) to implement the interface

SpringView Can dynamically replace the head/tail, you just need to set up different Footer:springView.setHeader(MyHeader());

SpringView Multi-touch support, can two hands drag and drop in a row, you can customize some interesting results

SpringView Provides two methods for drag and drop (overlap and follow), can be dynamically switching

SpringView For lazy people don't want to go to the custom head/tail provides 7 kinds of the default implementation (mimics the ali, tencent, Meituan etc. Various style) as follows, will continue to increase

SpringView support AppBarLayout

这里写图片描述 这里写图片描述 这里写图片描述 这里写图片描述 这里写图片描述 这里写图片描述 这里写图片描述


这里写图片描述 这里写图片描述 这里写图片描述 这里写图片描述

How to use SpringView

Add Spring View in the layout file, note that Spring View and ScrollView have the same limitation: only one child element:


            <ListView RecyclerView ScrollView or others


Of course, you can also add the header/footer in java code:

	springView.setHeader(new DefaultHeader(this));
	springView.setFooter(new DefaultFooter(this));

Add Listener

If you need to deal with the case, just add a listener in code:

springView.setListener(new SpringView.OnFreshListener() {
      public void onRefresh() {
      public void onLoadmore() {

Get SpringView

use Gradle:

dependencies {

   //SpringView core library (only include DefaultHeader/Footer)
   implementation 'com.liaoinstan.springview:library:1.7.0'

   //other Headers/Footers, choose one or more that you like
   implementation 'com.liaoinstan.springview:AcfunHeader:1.7.0'         //AcFun style (header and footer)
   implementation 'com.liaoinstan.springview:AliHeader:1.7.0'           //Alitrip style (header and footer)
   implementation 'com.liaoinstan.springview:MeituanHeader:1.7.0'       //Meituan style (header and footer)
   implementation 'com.liaoinstan.springview:RotationHeader:1.7.0'      //Mechanical gear style (header and footer)
   implementation 'com.liaoinstan.springview:WeixinHeader:1.7.0'        //WeChat Mini Program header(only header)
   implementation 'com.liaoinstan.springview:DuHeader:1.7.0'		//Du app header(only header)

or Maven:


Update log


  • Add new a header (DuHeader), and a auto-scrolling Footer (AutoFooter).
  • Add a new type SCROLL. Based on this mode, effects such as scrolling to the bottom and automatic loading can be achieved.
  • Header / Footer now has setType () method, you can set different Type for Header and Footer respectively.
  • Fix issus.


  • Add a new header (WeixinHeaderV2) for new version of WeChat (WeChat 7).
  • The movement parameter of SpringView (MovePara) no longer affects both Header and Footer. BaseHeader/Footer now has a new getMovePara() interface that allows you to set different movement parameters for Header and Footer to match different drag-and-drop feel.(if you don't implement the interface, SpringView is still compatible with the previous rules).
  • Update to Android X.
  • Fixed several drag and drop stickiness issues, and callFresh method callback issues.


  • Fix bug when nested layout, fix bug callFresh() can't spring back when set SpringView Give.NONE.


  • headers /footers split off from SpringView library(except DefaultHeader/Footer),simplified core library,now core library's size only 26KB,You can import headers/footers separately


  • New function setMovePara(),a new header for weixin:WeixinHeader,a new type DRAG like SwipeRefreshLayout:spring.setType(Type.DRAG)


  • Optimize several experiential issues,Added onFinishFreshAndLoadDelay(int delay), callFreshDelay(int delay) method,Optimizing performance with BottomSheetBehavior,Optimize the performance used in BottomSheetDialog


  • Fix the bug of the linkage damping of AppBarLayout in the case of null data, new setEnableFooter(Boolean), setEnableHeader(Boolean) disable or enable header/footer.


  • Support AppBarLayout,fix sliding conflict


  • Bug fix


  • Padding bug fix


  • Add setEnable(boolean) function


  • Add callFresh() method, used to call the refresh operation manual
  • Fixes the lateral sliding conflict


  • Repair the callback refresh many times


  • Repair the click event occasional failure problem


If there are any questions or Suggestions, please feedback to my email: [email protected]; Or in my blog

If it works to you, please give me a star for my hardwork ,thank you


More, please visit:my CSDN blog

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