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My Finder buttons collection for macOS.

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These buttons are built with ScriptEditor. If you'd prefer a native alternative, checkout my Finder extension app, SwiftyMenu:


ltfinderbuttons 2x


  • [x] iTerm2 (2.9+)
  • [x] Sublime Text 3
  • [x] VSCode
  • [x] Terminal
  • [x] TextMate
  • [x] Atom
  • [x] Brackets
  • [x] CotEditor
  • [x] BBEdit


Download or git clone the buttons in a proper place. Hold on command button and drag each one into your Finder toolbar.

Contribute a button

  1. Fork this repo.
  2. Duplicate and rename it to
  3. Open with Script Editor then you gonna know what to do.
  4. Open LTFinderButtons.sketch and draw your button.
  5. Export the iconset folders from Sketch.
  6. Convert images into icns files one by one (e.g. iconutil -c icns MyShinnyFinderButton.iconset)
  7. Replace with your icns.
  8. Send a pull request.
  9. *Please write scripts in JavaScript or Swift, I'll reject AppleScript PRs ^_^.

Enhanced TerminalButton

There's a fork which refined the main script of TerminalButton with Apple Script: It fixed some issues of TerminalFinderbutton. But I rejected the PR since Apple Script was not my taste for a long time. Please have a try once you face any problem with TerminalButton.


Lex Tang (@lexrus on Twitter)


This project is distributed under the terms and conditions of the MIT license.

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