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Ledokku - beautiful web UI for all things Dokku

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Ledokku is a beautiful UI powered by dokku

With us you will be able to deploy apps written in: node.js, php, ruby and many more.

And link them with most popular dbs : postgresql, mongodb, redis.

Just few clicks and your app is live

  • Install Ledokku on your Dokku server
  • Deploy your app using the Dokku workflow
  • Create and link your db (PostgreSQL, mongoDB, redis)
  • App is live 🎉🎉🎉

Getting started guide

Want to try Ledokku out yourself? Head to our getting started guide

Our vision

We started to work on this because current deployment solutions were expensive or hard to configure. With Ledokku we plan to provide a solution where deployment experience is smooth, enjoyable and affordable.


To get initial feedback we are working on the MVP state where current Dokku users will be able to use the web ui of Ledokku while keeping control of their server. It will allow us to gather feedback from active Dokku users and shape the future of Ledokku.

MVP features

  • Beautiful web ui
  • Common app management (create, delete, stop)
  • Env variables management (set, unset, edit)
  • Databases management (create, delete, link)
  • Explore app logs

Built with

  • Dokku 🐳
  • Node.js 💚
  • GraphQL 💓
  • Prisma △
  • TypeScript 💙
  • GithubAPI 🐱
  • Tailwind CSS 🌪
  • Docusaurus 🦖
  • Docs hosted on Netlify


Read our contributing guide to see how to locally setup the repository and see our development process.

Made by

Leo, Arturs


Ledokku is licensed under the MIT license.

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