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This project implements a ResponseHardening servlet filter that acts as a botwall for your Java web applications. The filter transparently rewrites all input and form elements on your web pages to random values which makes them harder to scrape automatically. You do not need to modify your application.


Make sure that the botwall4j jar is available on your classpath. You can then modify the web.xml file to include the filter as follows:


For properly functioning of your application this filter should be the first in the filter chain. You can ensure that in the web.xml by defining it above all other filters.

Integrate with Spring Boot (using Java config)

It is also possible to use it without the web.xml configuration. For example, in a Spring Boot application you can add the botwall4j library to your application and register the filter using the filterRegistrationBean:

public FilterRegistrationBean responseHardeningFilterRegistrationBean() {
    final FilterRegistrationBean filterRegBean = new FilterRegistrationBean();
    filterRegBean.setFilter(new ResponseHardening());
    return filterRegBean;

Setting the order to Integer.MIN_VALUE will ensure that the filter runs first in the filter chain.


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