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Clean & vibrant color schemes for Vim, Terminals...

Purify colors

Demo 2 Demo 3 , Or you can view more demo images in each sub pages



Purify support consistent color theme among terminals, editors and other things:


  • [x] Vim, NeoVim, MacVim (Come along with consistent colors of plugins, syntax of almost most popular programing languages...)
  • [x] Gedit
  • [x] emacs (❗️ Just minimal support, need help)

File Managers




I'll look into these terminals & editors when i have time. But mostly the time i'll use to maintain Vim and most used Terminal theme.

  • [ ] notepad++
  • [ ] atom
  • [ ] sublime
  • [ ] vscode

Installation & Usage

Each editors, terminals and other things have seperate installation & usage guide. Just click in what you want to use in the Features list


In the demos i do use:


If you have any problem from install anything relate to Purify, or if you have any idea please open an issue

Contributions are always welcome


MIT © Kyoz

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