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ghkw is GitHub KeyWord.

Search how many keywords in GitHub Code by GitHub API.


$ ghkw [options...] [keyword ...]


Output markdown format.

$ ghkw exclusion_condition exclude_condition excluded_condition
| RANK |       KEYWORD       | TOTAL |
|    1 | exclude_condition   |   272 |
|    2 | exclusion_condition |    64 |
|    3 | excluded_condition  |     2 |

A search condition is in the file contents, language is javascript and file size is over 1,000bytes.

$ ghkw --in=file --language=javascript --size=">1000" exclude_condition exclusion_condition


--in           Add in to search term.

--language     Add language to search term.

--fork         Add fork to search term.

--size         Add size to search term.

--path         Add path to search term.

--filename     Add filename to search term.

--extension    Add extension to search term.

--user         Add user to search term.

--repo         Add repo to search term.

-d, --debug    Enable debug mode.
               Print debug log.

-f, --format   Output format (markdown, json).
               default: markdown

-h, --help     Show this help message and exit.

-v, --version  Print current version.

NOTE: Set Github Access Token which has "Full control of private repositories" scope as an environment variable GITHUB_TOKEN. If not set, ghkw requires your Github username and password(and two-factor auth code if you are setting). Because of using GitHub API v3.



If you have already installed Homebrew; then can install by brew command.

$ brew tap kyoshidajp/ghkw
$ brew install ghkw

go get

If you are a Golang developper/user; then execute go get.

$ go get -u


  1. Download binary which meets your system from Releases.
  2. Unarchive it.
  3. Put ghkw where you want.
  4. Add ghkw path to $PATH.


Katsuhiko YOSHIDA

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