Php Rdkafka Stubs

Rdkafka extension stubs for your IDE. Always compatibile with the latest php-rdkafka version.
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Phalcon Developer Tools
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Ide Stubs151789222 days ago42January 15, 20231otherPHP
Phalcon IDE Stubs
Php Rdkafka Stubs12737337 months ago28August 16, 20221mitPHP
Rdkafka extension stubs for your IDE. Always compatibile with the latest php-rdkafka version.
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Phalconphp stubs for IDEs
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a month ago6mitRuby
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4 years ago4February 24, 20181PHP
PHP ReflectionExtension's Information Rewind to PHP Code As Stub
Alternatives To Php Rdkafka Stubs
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Stubs for PHP Rdkafka extension (4.0 version)

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This package provides you a set of stubs for RdKafka extension. It currently supports version 4.0. For older verisions of rdkafka extenstion (3.x and 0.9) please use version 1.x of this repository.


Add package to your composer.json dev dependencies

$ composer require kwn/php-rdkafka-stubs --dev


Once package is installed, your IDE should simply discover all stubs automatically. Please notice, that kwn/php-rdkafka-stubs package has no autoloader configuration provided, so stubs classes are visible in your IDE, but don't clashes with rdkafka extension namespaces.

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