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95.47% on CIFAR10 with PyTorch
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Pytorch Cifar5,131
a year ago103mitPython
95.47% on CIFAR10 with PyTorch
Pytorch Playground2,366
2 years ago9mitPython
Base pretrained models and datasets in pytorch (MNIST, SVHN, CIFAR10, CIFAR100, STL10, AlexNet, VGG16, VGG19, ResNet, Inception, SqueezeNet)
Knowledge Distillation Pytorch1,780
a year ago17mitPython
A PyTorch implementation for exploring deep and shallow knowledge distillation (KD) experiments with flexibility
Pytorch Classification1,244
3 years ago30mitPython
Classification with PyTorch.
Torchdistill1,17125 months ago24November 06, 2023mitPython
A coding-free framework built on PyTorch for reproducible deep learning studies. 🏆22 knowledge distillation methods presented at CVPR, ICLR, ECCV, NeurIPS, ICCV, etc are implemented so far. 🎁 Trained models, training logs and configurations are available for ensuring the reproducibiliy and benchmark.
3 years ago1mitPython
PyTorch implementation of image classification models for CIFAR-10/CIFAR-100/MNIST/FashionMNIST/Kuzushiji-MNIST/ImageNet
3 years ago3bsd-2-clausePython
Proper implementation of ResNet-s for CIFAR10/100 in pytorch that matches description of the original paper.
a year ago1mitPython
Pretrained TorchVision models on CIFAR10 dataset (with weights)
5 months ago1mitPython
[ICCV 2019] "AutoGAN: Neural Architecture Search for Generative Adversarial Networks" by Xinyu Gong, Shiyu Chang, Yifan Jiang and Zhangyang Wang
Neural Backed Decision Trees445
3 years ago8mitPython
Making decision trees competitive with neural networks on CIFAR10, CIFAR100, TinyImagenet200, Imagenet
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