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apt-cyg is a command-line installer for Cygwin which cooperates with Cygwin Setup and uses the same repository. The syntax is similar to apt-get.


Command line

apt-cyg [<options>] [<subcommand> [<parameters> ...]]


Subcommand Description
install <package names> to install packages
remove <package names> to remove packages
update to update setup.ini
show to show installed packages
find <patterns> to find packages matching patterns
describe <patterns> to describe packages matching patterns
packageof <command or file names> ... to locate parent packages
pathof {cache|mirror|mirrordir|cache/mirrordir|setup.ini} to show path
key-add <files> ... to add keys contained in <files>
key-del <keyids> ... to remove keys <keyids>
key-list to list keys
key-finger to list fingerprints
upgrade-self to upgrade apt-cyg
depends <package names> ... to show forward dependency information for packages with depth.
rdepends <package names> ... to show reverse dependency information for packages with depth.
completion-install to install completion.
completion-uninstall to uninstall completion.
mirrors-list to show list of mirrors.
mirrors-list-long to show list of mirros with full details.
mirrors-list-online to show list of mirrors from online.
benchmark-mirrors <urls> ... to benchmark mirrors.
benchmark-parallel-mirrors <urls> ... to benchmark mirrors in parallel.
benchmark-parallel-mirrors-list to benchmark mirrors-list in parallel.
scriptinfo to show script information.
show-packages-busyness <package names> ... to show if packages are busy or not.
dist-upgrade to upgrade all packages that is installed. This subcommand uses setup-*.exe
update-setup to update setup.exe
setup [<params> ...] to call setup.exe
packages-total-count count number of total packages from setup.ini
packages-total-size [<pattern of section>] count size of total packages from setup.ini
packages-cached-count count number of cached packages in cache/mirrordir.
packages-cached-size count size of cached packages in cache/mirrordir.
repair-acl to repair the windows ACL (Access Control List).
source <package names> ... download source archive.
mirror-source <package names> ... download the source package into the current cache/mirrordir as mirror.
download <package names> ... download the binary package into the current directory.
mirror <package names> ... download the binary package into the current cache/mirrordir as mirror.
homepage [<package names> ...] Open homepages of packages.
web [<package names> ...] Synonym for homepage.
listfiles <package names> ... List files 'owned' by package(s).
get-proxy Get proxies for eval.
ls-categories List categories.
ls-pkg-with-category List packages with category.
category <category> List all packages in given <category>.
setuprc-get <section> Get section from setup.rc.
set-cache [<cache>] Set cache.
set-mirror [<mirrors> ...] Set mirrors. Note: setup-x86{,_64}.exe uses all of them but currently apt-cyg uses the first one only.
mark-auto [<packages> ...] Mark the given packages as automatically installed.
mark-manual [<packages> ...] Mark the given packages as manually installed.
mark-showauto Print the list of automatically installed packages.
mark-showmanual Print the list of manually installed packages.
call [<internal_function> [<args> ...]] Call internal function in apt-cyg.
time [<internal_function> [<args> ...]] Report time consumed to call internal function in apt-cyg.
filelist [<package>] File list like apt-file list.
filesearch [<pattern>] File search like apt-file search.


Option Description
--ag use the silver searcher (currently work only at packageof subcommand)
--charch <arch> change architecture
--ignore-case, -i ignore case distinctions for <patterns>
--force-remove force remove
--force-fetch-trustedkeys force fetch trustedkeys
--force-update-packageof-cache force update packageof cache
--no-verify, -X Don't verify setup.ini signatures
--no-check-certificate Don't validate the server's certificate
--no-update-setup Don't update setup.exe
--no-header Don't print header
--proxy, -p {auto|inherit|none|<url>} set proxy (default: ${APT_CYG_PROXY:-auto})
--completion-get-subcommand get subcommand (for completion internal use)
--completion-disable-autoupdate disable completion autoupdate
--max-jobs, -j <n> Run <n> jobs in parallel
--mirror, -m <url> set mirror
--cache, -c <dir> set cache
--file, -f <file> read package names from <file>
--noupdate, -u don't update setup.ini from mirror
--ipv4, -4 wget prefer ipv4
--no-progress hide the progress bar in any verbosity mode
--quiet, -q quiet (no output)
--verbose, -v verbose
--help Display help and exit
--version Display version and exit


apt-cyg requires the Cygwin default environment and the additional Cygwin packages:

wget, ca-certificates, gnupg

In 32bit version of cygwin, wget requires an additional setting for the ca-certificates package. Choose one of below settings.

# 1. Create symbolic link for the default ca-directory of wget. 
ln -s /usr/ssl /etc/

# or
# 2. Set ca-directory paramete in '/etc/wgetrc'. 
echo "ca-directory = /usr/ssl/certs" >> /etc/wgetrc

# or
# 3. Set ca-directory paramete in '~/.wgetrc'. 
echo "ca-directory = /usr/ssl/certs" >> ~/.wgetrc

Remarks: Above additional settings for wget is not required for 64bit version of cygwin. But, as of 2014-01-17, perhaps ca-certificates package makes fail of certification in 64bit version of cygwin with Windows 8. See below:

Quick start

The most recommended way to deploy this fork can be seen from a link below:

apt-cyg is a simple script. Once you have a copy, make it executable:

chmod +x /bin/apt-cyg

Optionally place apt-cyg in a bin/ folder on your path.

Then use apt-cyg, for example:

apt-cyg install nano

New features

dist-upgrade support

This fork has achieved dist-upgrade command by using setup-x86.exe and setup-x86_64.exe as a backend. Note that all of running tasks on the cygwin will be killed before starting dist-upgrade.

Multiple hash algorithms support

After the middle of 2015-03, the cygwin project changed the hash algorithm for checking tarball from md5 to sha512. But, as of 2015-04-09, the cygwinports project seems still using md5. This fork is available for both of cygwin and cygwinports by supporting algorithm of md5, sha1, sha224, sha256 and sha512.

True multi-architecture support

Let think a case that you want to install the x86 package when you are working under the x86_64 environment. For example:

apt-cyg --charch x86 install chere

As of 2013-10-26, chere package is provided for only the repository for x86.

Remarks: Of course, you must install both environments of x86_64 and x86, beforehand.

Signature check and key management by GnuPG

The default action of apt-cyg has been changed to check signature for 'setup.ini'. Of course you can also avoid signature check by using --no-verify or -X options. Public keys of cygwin and cygwinports are already registered to trusted keys of embeded. If you want to use some other public keys, please use key-* subcommands.

Upgrade apt-cyg

If apt-cyg is under Git version control, this fork can upgrade itself by upgrade-self subcommand. Therefore, the most recommended way to deploy this fork is copy and paste below commands to cygwin console:

# cd $DIR # Change working directory where you want to install apt-cyg
git clone
ln -s "$(realpath apt-cyg/apt-cyg)" /usr/local/bin/

If you want to use another fork, which forked from, rewrite the URL for apropriate one.

Proxy support

Use --proxy, -p option. This option must take a parameter from one of "auto", "inherit", "none" and URL.

  • "auto" will determine a proxy using a part of the Web Proxy Auto-Discovery Protocol (WPAD). The current implementation will look for a string of "PROXY URL" from "http://wpad/wpad.dat". If "wpad.dat" could not be downloaded, the proxy settings are inherited from the parent environment.
  • "inherit" will inherit the proxy settings from the parent environment.
  • "none" will not use the proxy.
  • URL can take a string like "protocol://hostname:port".

For example:

apt-cyg --proxy http://proxy.home:8080 update

The default parameter is "${APT_CYG_PROXY:-auto}". At the environment where is not provided the WPAD server, it makes the lag for a few seconds at startup. So, if you don't want to use WPAD, please define APT_CYG_PROXY environment variable as below:

export APT_CYG_PROXY=inherit

Bash completion support

Bash completion script can be installed to "/etc/bash_completion.d/apt-cyg" by completion-install subcommand. It will be automatically updated when apt-cyg is upgraded to newer version. If you don't want to update it automatically, execute completion-install subcommand in conjunction with --completion-disable-autoupdate option. And completion-uninstall subcommand removes "/etc/bash_completion.d/apt-cyg".

Some other forks, Milly / apt-cyg under the cfg / apt-cyg fork, ashumkin / apt-cyg and etc, are also supported it.


This project has been re-published on GitHub to make contributing easier. Feel free to fork and modify this script.

The Google Code project has a list of open issues.

Forks on the github

Caution: Please do not merge forks that have incompatible licenses.

Ex.) Merging to the GPL from the MIT is possible. But merging to the MIT from the GPL is impossible.



  • [ ] Support multi mirrors: Cygwin setup can use multi mirrors. They are recorded at last-mirror section in '/etc/setup/setup.rc'. It's useful for using Cygwinports.
  • [ ] Support upgrade: But maybe, busy resources can not be upgraded, and rebase problem will happen. Cygwin setup resolves by replacing them at next reboot.
  • [ ] Support dependency check for remove subcommand.

Known Problems

For older known problems see


The MIT license

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