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jl — JSON Logs

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jl is a development tool for working with structured JSON logging.

Modern applications quite often use structured logging instead of simple log messages. This is preferable for computer systems but not for humans. jl will help development by translating structured message into old-fashioned log lines.


A code snippets says more than a thousand words:

$ myprogram
{"message": "Hello, world!!", "severity": "info"}
{"message": "skipping file", "severity": "warn", "file": "empty.txt"}

$ myprogram | jl
   INFO: Hello, world!!
WARNING: skipping file [file=empty.txt]

(more examples)


$ brew install koenbollen/public/jl
$ echo '{"msg": "It works!"}' | jl
It works!

Alternatively you can fetch a binary from the latest release or install the latest development version from source: go get -u


  jl [options] [FILE...]

  -h, --help    Show this screen.
  --version     Show version.

Output Options:
  --color           Force colorized output
  --no-color        Don't colorize output
  --skip-prefix     Skip printing truncated bytes before the JSON
  --skip-suffix     Skip printing truncated bytes after the JSON

Formatting Options:
  --skip-fields     Don't output misc json keys as fields
  --include-fields  <fields>, -f <fields> Always include these json keys as fields (comma seperated list)

You can add any option to the JL_OPTS environment variable, ex:
  export JL_OPTS="--no-color"


jl tries to dynamically parse the lines to support as many well known formats as possible.

Is jl not compatible with your structured logging? Please let me know by creating an issue.

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