Beetube Bot

🤖 A telegram bot for music, movies, anime, torrent, EDM tracks, series downloads, files, and more...
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Less rage, more chill.
a day ago345gpl-3.0Python
Automatic Video Library Manager for TV Shows. It watches for new episodes of your favorite shows, and when they are posted it does its magic.
14 days ago57otherJavaScript
A web application built with AngularJS to track your favorite tv-shows with semi-automagic torrent integration
Instant Movie Streamer355
2 years ago4Python
🎥 Streams the movie/ tv series instantly.
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a month agomitC#
A curated list of (not only) German piracy sites.
9 years ago44mitJavaScript
Flixtor streams movies, series, videos and animes from Torrents.
7 years ago20mitHTML
Flixtor streams movies, series, videos and animes from Torrents.
Beetube Bot83
3 months agomitJavaScript
🤖 A telegram bot for music, movies, anime, torrent, EDM tracks, series downloads, files, and more...
Media Library Organiser52
2 years agomitPython
🍿 Organising and bulk renaming media library made easy with Python and imDB (Essential for XBMCs, Plex etc.)
3 years ago9June 08, 20201mitJavaScript
Simple nodejs package to download torrents using torrent-indexer and webtorrent, especially movie and series.
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A telegram 🤖 bot for music, videos, movies, EDM tracks, torrent downloads, files and more. Beetube CI License: MIT

Table of Content


The deployed version can be found on telegram as @beetube_bot


  • Browse, search and download movies, music, anime and torrent
  • Ability to browse music sorted by genre
  • Ability to download music directly from chat
  • Ability to paginate all returned results
  • Supports personalized configurations


Beetube by default have been setup for easy deployment on heroku


  • Nodejs >= v14.x
  • MongoDB (database)
  • Have node-raspar deployed and note the server address

Telegram Setup (required)

  1. Create a new bot via @BotFather and note the token
  2. Type /setcommands
  3. Select the bot you just created
  4. Copy and paste the texts below as the bot's commands
  start - start a conversation with the bot
  search - search through any category
  keyboard - show custom keyboard
  about - about this bot

Install on Local Machine

$ git clone
$ cd beetube-bot
$ cp .env.example .env # update .env accordingly
# install dependencies
$ npm install
# have mongodb daemon running
# start the bot
$ npm start

Installation via Docker

$ git clone
$ cd beetube-bot
$ cp .env.example .env # update .env accordingly
# build the container
$ docker build -t beetube-bot .
# run the container
$ docker run --name beetube --env-file=.env -it beetube-bot

Installation via Docker Compose

$ git clone
$ cd beetube-bot
$ cp .env.example .env # update .env accordingly
# To boot-up first time only
# Or whenever docker file is modified (builds the container)
$ docker compose up --build
# To boot-up without building the container (regular use)
$ docker compose up
# To shut-down
$ docker compose down

Liked it?

Hope you liked this project, don't forget to give it a star ⭐


$ npm test

# via docker
$ docker exec -it beetube npm test


This project is opened under the MIT 2.0 License which allows very broad use for both academic and commercial purposes.

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