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Collection of useful data science topics along with articles, videos, and code
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Data Science3,710
8 hours ago5Jupyter Notebook
Collection of useful data science topics along with articles, videos, and code
Sweetviz2,33883 months ago32June 14, 202242mitPython
Visualize and compare datasets, target values and associations, with one line of code.
Python Articles287
4 years ago
Monthly Series - Top 10 Python Articles
Data Journalism69
5 years ago1otherHTML
Data journalism and easy to replicate notebooks using Python, R, and Web visualisations
Covid19 Clj Viz40
3 years ago1mitClojure
REPL notebook for COVID19 visualization article – example code to produce maps in Vega from Clojure
Data Science Article18
a year ago
Collection of My Data Science article with Code to help you learn and play around.
Ml Classifier10
11 days ago4mitJupyter Notebook
Classify news articles into different categories using Machine Learning
5 years agoHTML
Reproduce an Economist graph found on the article: [Safe Skies]
Opengl Es 3.0 Data Visualization7
7 years agomitObjective-C
Code samples for a series of articles of OpenGL ES 3.0 Data Visualization, which are published at
Aceleradev Ds6
3 years ago1otherJupyter Notebook
A repo to store my walkthrough through the CodeNation's program, AceleraDev Data Science
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Data Science

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Collection of useful data science topics along with articles and videos.

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  1. MLOps
  2. Data Management Tools
  3. Testing
  4. Productive Tools
  5. Python Helper Tools
  6. Tools for Deployment
  7. Speed-up Tools
  8. Math Tools
  9. Machine Learning
  10. Natural Language Processing
  11. Computer Vision
  12. Time Series
  13. Feature Engineering
  14. Visualization
  15. Mathematical Programming
  16. Scraping
  17. Python
  18. Terminal
  19. Linear Algebra
  20. Data Structure
  21. Statistics
  22. Web Applications
  23. Share Insights
  24. Cool Tools
  25. Learning Tips
  26. Productive Tips
  27. VSCode
  28. Book Review
  29. Data Science Portfolio


Title Article Repository Video
Stop Hard Coding in a Data Science Project – Use Configuration Files Instead 🔗 🔗 🔗
Introduction to Weight & Biases: Track and Visualize your Machine Learning Experiments in 3 Lines of Code 🔗 🔗
Kedro — A Python Framework for Reproducible Data Science Project 🔗 🔗
Orchestrate a Data Science Project in Python With Prefect 🔗 🔗
Orchestrate Your Data Science Project with Prefect 2.0 🔗 🔗 🔗
DagsHub: a GitHub Supplement for Data Scientists and ML Engineers 🔗 🔗
4 pre-commit Plugins to Automate Code Reviewing and Formatting in Python 🔗 🔗 🔗
BentoML: Create an ML Powered Prediction Service in Minutes 🔗 🔗 🔗
How to Structure a Data Science Project for Readability and Transparency 🔗 🔗
How to Structure an ML Project for Reproducibility and Maintainability 🔗 🔗
GitHub Actions in MLOps: Automatically Check and Deploy Your ML Model 🔗 🔗
Create Robust Data Pipelines with Prefect, Docker, and GitHub 🔗 🔗
Create a Maintainable Data Pipeline with Prefect and DVC 🔗 🔗
Build a Full-Stack ML Application With Pydantic And Prefect 🔗 🔗 🔗
Streamline Code Updates with DVC and GitHub Actions 🔗 🔗 🔗
Create Observable and Reproducible Notebooks with Hex 🔗 🔗 🔗
Build Reliable Machine Learning Pipelines with Continuous Integration 🔗 🔗 🔗
Automate Machine Learning Deployment with GitHub Actions 🔗 🔗 🔗

Data Management Tools

Title Article Repository Video
Introduction to DVC: Data Version Control Tool for Machine Learning Projects 🔗 🔗 🔗
Great Expectations: Always Know What to Expect From Your Data 🔗 🔗
Validate Your pandas DataFrame with Pandera 🔗 🔗 🔗
Introduction to Schema: A Python Libary to Validate your Data 🔗 🔗
How to Create Fake Data with Faker 🔗 🔗
Hypothesis and Pandera: Generate Synthesis Pandas DataFrame for Testing 🔗 🔗 🔗
What is dbt (data build tool) and When should you use it? 🔗 🔗 🔗


Title Article Repository Video
Pytest for Data Scientists 🔗 🔗 🔗
4 Lessor-Known Yet Awesome Tips for Pytest 🔗 🔗
DeepDiff — Recursively Find and Ignore Trivial Differences Using Python 🔗 🔗
Checklist — Behavioral Testing of NLP Models 🔗 🔗
Detect Defects in a Data Pipeline Early with Validation and Notifications 🔗 🔗 🔗
Write Readable Tests for Your Machine Learning Models with Behave 🔗 🔗 🔗

Productive Tools

Title Article Repository
3 Tools to Track and Visualize the Execution of your Python Code 🔗 🔗
2 Tools to Automatically Reload when Python Files Change 🔗 🔗
3 Ways to Get Notified with Python 🔗 🔗
How to Create Reusable Command-Line 🔗
How to Strip Outputs and Execute Interactive Code in a Python Script 🔗 🔗
Sending Slack Notifications in Python with Prefect 🔗 🔗

Python Helper Tools

Title Article Repository Video
Pydash: A Kitchen Sink of Missing Python Utilities 🔗 🔗
Write Clean Python Code Using Pipes 🔗 🔗 🔗
Introducing FugueSQL — SQL for Pandas, Spark, and Dask DataFrames 🔗 🔗
Fugue and DuckDB: Fast SQL Code in Python 🔗 🔗
Simplify Data Science Workflows on BigQuery with Fugue and Python 🔗 🔗

Tools for Deployment

Title Article Repository
How to Effortlessly Publish your Python Package to PyPI Using Poetry 🔗 🔗
Typer: Build Powerful CLIs in One Line of Code using Python 🔗 🔗

Speed-up Tools

Title Article Repository
Cython-A Speed-Up Tool for your Python Function 🔗 🔗
Train your Machine Learning Model 150x Faster with cuML 🔗 🔗

Math Tools

Title Article Repository
SymPy: Symbolic Computation in Python 🔗 🔗

Machine Learning

Title Article Repository Video
How to Monitor And Log your Machine Learning Experiment Remotely with HyperDash 🔗 🔗
How to Efficiently Fine-Tune your Machine Learning Models 🔗 🔗
How to Learn Non-linear Dataset with Support Vector Machines 🔗 🔗
Introduction to IBM Federated Learning: A Collaborative Approach to Train ML Models on Private Data 🔗 🔗
3 Steps to Improve your Efficiency when Hypertuning ML Models 🔗
human-learn: Create a Human Learning Model by Drawing 🔗 🔗
Patsy: Build Powerful Features with Arbitrary Python Code 🔗 🔗
SHAP: Explain Any Machine Learning Model in Python 🔗 🔗
Predict Movie Ratings with User-Based Collaborative Filtering 🔗 🔗
River: Online Machine Learning in Python 🔗 🔗 🔗
Human-Learn: Rule-Based Learning as an Alternative to Machine Learning 🔗 🔗 🔗

Natural Language Processing

Title Article Repository Video
Sentiment Analysis of LinkedIn Messages 🔗 🔗
Find Common Words in Article with Python Module Newspaper and NLTK 🔗 🔗
How to Tokenize Tweets with Python 🔗 🔗
How to Solve Analogies with Word2Vec 🔗 🔗
What is PyTorch 🔗 🔗
Convolutional Neural Network in Natural Language Processing 🔗 🔗
Supercharge your Python String with TextBlob 🔗 🔗 🔗
pyLDAvis: Topic Modelling Exploration Tool That Every NLP Data Scientist Should Know 🔗 🔗
Streamlit and spaCy: Create an App to Predict Sentiment and Word Similarities with Minimal Domain Knowledge 🔗 🔗
Build a Robust Conversational Assistant with Rasa 🔗 🔗
I Analyzed 2k Data Scientist and Data Engineer Jobs and This is What I Found 🔗 🔗
Checklist — Behavioral Testing of NLP Models 🔗 🔗
PRegEx: Write Human-Readable Regular Expressions in Python 🔗 🔗
Texthero: Text Preprocessing, Representation, and Visualization for a pandas DataFrame 🔗 🔗

Computer Vision

Title Article Repository
How to Create an App to Classify Dogs Using fastai and Streamlit 🔗 🔗

Time Series

Title Article Repository
Kats: a Generalizable Framework to Analyze Time Series Data in Python 🔗 🔗
How to Detect Seasonality, Outliers, and Changepoints in Your Time Series 🔗 🔗
4 Tools to Automatically Extract Data from Datetime in Python 🔗 🔗

Feature Engineering

Title Article Repository Video
3 Ways to Extract Features from Dates with Python 🔗 🔗
Similarity Encoding for Dirty Categories Using dirty_cat 🔗 🔗
Snorkel — A Human-In-The-Loop Platform to Build Training Data 🔗 🔗 🔗


Title Article Repository Video
How to Embed Interactive Charts on your Articles and Personal Website 🔗 🔗
What I Learned from Scraping 15k Data Science Articles on Medium 🔗 🔗
How to Create Interactive Plots with Altair 🔗 🔗
How to Create a Drop-Down Menu and a Slide Bar for your Favorite Visualization Tool 🔗 🔗
I Scraped more than 1k Top Machine Learning Github Profiles and this is what I Found 🔗 🔗
Top 6 Python Libraries for Visualization: Which one to Use? 🔗 🔗
Introduction to Yellowbrick: A Python Library to Visualize the Prediction of your Machine Learning Model 🔗 🔗
Visualize Gender-Specific Tweets with Scattertext 🔗 🔗
Visualize Your Team’s Projects Using Python Gantt Chart 🔗 🔗
How to Create Bindings and Conditions Between Multiple Plots Using Altair 🔗 🔗
How to Sketch your Data Science Ideas With Excalidraw 🔗
Pyvis: Visualize Interactive Network Graphs in Python 🔗 🔗 🔗
Build and Analyze Knowledge Graphs with Diffbot 🔗
Observe The Friend Paradox in Facebook Data Using Python 🔗 🔗
What skills and backgrounds do data scientists have in common? 🔗 🔗
Visualize Similarities Between Companies With Graph Database 🔗 🔗
Visualize GitHub Social Network with PyGraphistry 🔗 🔗
Find the Top Bootcamps for Data Professionals From Over 5k Profiles 🔗 🔗
floWeaver — Turn Flow Data Into a Sankey Diagram In Python 🔗 🔗
atoti — Build a BI Platform in Python 🔗 🔗
Analyze and Visualize URLs with Network Graph 🔗 🔗
statsannotations: Add Statistical Significance Annotations on Seaborn Plots 🔗 🔗 🔗

Mathematical Programming

Title Article Repository
How to choose stocks to invest in with Python 🔗 🔗
Maximize your Productivity with Python 🔗 🔗
How to Find a Good Match with Python 🔗 🔗
How to Solve a Staff Scheduling Problem with Python 🔗 🔗
How to Find Best Locations for your Restaurants with Python 🔗 🔗
How to Schedule Flights in Python 🔗 🔗
How to Solve a Production Planning and Inventory Problem in Python 🔗 🔗


Title Article Repository
Web Scrape Movie Database with Beautiful Soup 🔗 🔗
top-github-scraper: Scrape Top Github Users and Repositories Based On a Keyword in One Line of Code 🔗 🔗


Title Article Repository
Numpy Tricks for your Data Science Projects 🔗 🔗
Timing for Efficient Python Code 🔗 🔗
How to Use Lambda for Efficient Python Code 🔗 🔗
Python Tricks for Keeping Track of Your Data 🔗 🔗
Boost Your Efficiency With Specialized Dictionary Implementations in Python 🔗 🔗
Dictionary as an Alternative to If-Else 🔗 🔗
How to Use Zip to Manipulate a List of Tuples 🔗 🔗
Get the Most out of Your Array With These Four Numpy Methods 🔗 🔗
3 Python Tricks to Read, Create, and Run Multiple Files Automatically 🔗 🔗
How to Exclude the Outliers in Pandas DataFrame 🔗 🔗
Python Clean Code: 6 Best Practices to Make Your Python Functions More Readable 🔗 🔗
3 Techniques to Effortlessly Import and Execute Python Modules 🔗 🔗
Simplify Your Functions with Functools’ Partial and Singledispatch 🔗 🔗


Title Article Repository
How to Create and View Interactive Cheatsheets on the Command-line 🔗
Understand CSV Files from your Terminal with XSV 🔗
Prettify your Terminal Text With Termcolor and Pyfiglet 🔗 🔗
Stop Using Print to Debug in Python. Use Icecream Instead 🔗
Rich: Generate Rich and Beautiful Text in the Terminal with Python 🔗 🔗
Create a Beautiful Dashboard in your Terminal with Wtfutil 🔗 🔗
3 Tools to Monitor and Optimize your Linux System 🔗
Ptpython: A Better Python REPL 🔗 🔗
fd: a Simple but Powerful Tool to Find and Execute Files on the Command Line 🔗
Speed Up your Command-Line Navigation with These 3 Tools 🔗
Python and Data Science Snippets on the Command Line 🔗 🔗


Title Article Repository
Can Datasets of a Dinosaur and a Circle have Identical Statistics? 🔗 🔗
Introduction to One-Way ANOVA: A Test to Compare the Means between More than Two Groups 🔗 🔗
Bayes’ Theorem, Clearly Explained with Visualization 🔗 🔗
Detect Change Points with Bayesian Inference and PyMC3 🔗 🔗
Bayesian Linear Regression with Bambi 🔗 🔗
Earn More Salary as a Coder — Higher Degree or More Years of Experience? 🔗 🔗

Linear Algebra

Title Article Repository
How to Build a Matrix Module from Scratch 🔗 🔗
Linear Algebra for Machine Learning: Solve a System of Linear Equations 🔗 🔗

Data Structure

Title Article Repository
Convex Hull: An Innovative Approach to Gift-Wrap your Data 🔗 🔗
How to Visualize Social Network With Graph Theory 🔗 🔗
How to Search Data with KDTree 🔗 🔗
How to Find the Nearest Hospital with a Voronoi Diagram 🔗 🔗

Web Applications

Title Article Repository
How to Create an Interactive Startup Growth Calculator with Python 🔗 🔗
Streamlit and spaCy: Create an App to Predict Sentiment and Word Similarities with Minimal Domain Knowledge 🔗 🔗
PyWebIO: Write Interactive Web App in Script Way Using Python 🔗 🔗
PyWebIO 1.3.0: Add Tabs, Pin Input, and Update an Input Based on Another Input 🔗 🔗
Create an App to Deal with Boredom Using PyWebIO 🔗 🔗
Build a Robust Workflow to Visualize Trending GitHub Repositories in Python 🔗 🔗

Share Insights

Title Article Repository
Introduction to Datapane: A Python Library to Build Interactive Reports 🔗
Datapane’s New Features: Create a Beautiful Dashboard in Python in a Few Lines of Code 🔗 🔗
Introduction to Datasette: Explore and Publish Your Data in One Line of Code 🔗
How to Share your Python Objects Across Different Environments in One Line of Code 🔗 🔗
How to Share your Jupyter Notebook in 3 Lines of Code with Ngrok 🔗
Introduction to Deepnote: Real-time Collaboration on Jupyter Notebook 🔗

Cool Tools

Title Article Repository
Simulate Real-life Events in Python Using SimPy 🔗 🔗
How to Create Mathematical Animations like 3Blue1Brown Using Python 🔗 🔗

Learning Tips

Title Article Repository
How to Learn Data Science when Life does not Give You a Break 🔗
How to Accelerate your Data Science Career by Putting yourself in the Right Environment 🔗
To become a Better Data Scientist, you need to Think like a Programmer 🔗
How not to be Overwhelmed with Data Science 🔗

Productive Tips

Title Article Repository
How to Organize your Data Science Articles with Github 🔗 🔗
5 Reasons why you should Switch from Jupyter Notebook to Scripts 🔗
7 Reasons Why you Should Start Documenting your Code 🔗


Title Article Repository
How to Leverage Visual Studio Code for your Data Science Projects 🔗
Top 4 Code Viewers for Data Scientist in VSCode 🔗
Incorporate the Best Practices for Python with These Top 4 VSCode Extensions 🔗
Boost Your Efficiency with Customized Code Snippets on VSCode 🔗
Top 9 Keyboard Shortcuts in VSCode for Data Scientists 🔗

Book Review

Title Article Repository
Python Machine Learning: A Comprehensive Handbook for Machine Learning 🔗

Data Science Portfolio

Title Article Repository
How to Create an Elegant Website for your Data Science Portfolio in 10 minutes 🔗
Build an Impressive Github Profile in 3 Steps 🔗


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