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PM2 module to automatically rotate logs of processes managed by PM2.


pm2 install pm2-logrotate

NOTE: the command is pm2 install NOT npm install


  • max_size (Defaults to 10M): When a file size becomes higher than this value it will rotate it (its possible that the worker check the file after it actually pass the limit) . You can specify the unit at then end: 10G, 10M, 10K
  • retain (Defaults to 30 file logs): This number is the number of rotated logs that are keep at any one time, it means that if you have retain = 7 you will have at most 7 rotated logs and your current one.
  • compress (Defaults to false): Enable compression via gzip for all rotated logs
  • dateFormat (Defaults to YYYY-MM-DD_HH-mm-ss) : Format of the data used the name the file of log
  • rotateModule (Defaults to true) : Rotate the log of pm2's module like other apps
  • workerInterval (Defaults to 30 in secs) : You can control at which interval the worker is checking the log's size (minimum is 1)
  • rotateInterval (Defaults to 0 0 * * * everyday at midnight): This cron is used to a force rotate when executed. We are using node-schedule to schedule cron, so all valid cron for node-schedule is valid cron for this option. Cron style :
  • TZ (Defaults to system time): This is the standard tz database timezone used to offset the log file saved. For instance, a value of Etc/GMT+1, with an hourly log, will save a file at hour 14 GMT with hour 13 (GMT+1) in the log name.
*    *    *    *    *    *
                     day of week (0 - 7) (0 or 7 is Sun)
                 month (1 - 12)
             day of month (1 - 31)
         hour (0 - 23)
     minute (0 - 59)
 second (0 - 59, OPTIONAL)

How to set these values ?

After having installed the module you have to type : pm2 set pm2-logrotate:<param> <value>


  • pm2 set pm2-logrotate:max_size 1K (1KB)
  • pm2 set pm2-logrotate:compress true (compress logs when rotated)
  • pm2 set pm2-logrotate:rotateInterval '*/1 * * * *' (force rotate every minute)

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