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Automate your personal finances – for free, with no ads, and no data collection.

Mintable helps you:

  • Keep track of your account balances
  • Aggregate transactions from all your banking institutions, including checking accounts, savings accounts, and credit cards
  • Analyze and budget your spending using a spreadsheet and formulas


Requires node >= v11.0.0.

  1. Sign up for Plaid's Free Plan.

  2. Install Mintable:

    npm install -g mintable
    mintable setup
  3. Update your account balances/transactions:

    mintable fetch

Note: If you're already a version 1.x.x user, you can migrate your existing configuration to version 2.x.x.


Check out the full documentation in the ./docs folder.


WTF is 'Mintable'?!

min·ta·ble: noun.

  1. An open-source tool to automate your personal finances – for free, with no ads, and no data collection. Derived from mint (the wildly popular personal finance app from Intuit) + table (a spreadsheet).

Do I have to use Plaid?

Do I have to use Google Sheets?

Do I have to manually run this every time I want new transactions in my spreadsheet?

How do I use it with banks outside the US?

How do I use it with Windows?

  • Windows is not natively supported but you can try this.

It's not working!


  • Money in Excel: Recently announced partnership between Microsoft/Plaid. Requires a Microsoft 365 subscription ($70+/year).
  • Mint: Owned by Intuit (TurboTax). Apps for iOS/Android/Web.
  • build-your-own-mint: Some assembly required. More flexible.
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