A fast, bloat-free comments platform (Github mirror)
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10 months ago1mitGo
A fast, bloat-free comments platform (Github mirror)
Secure Qr Reader35
4 months ago1apache-2.0Kotlin
Privacy Focused and Secure QR Reader
Ariel News App24
2 years ago6bsd-3-clauseDart
News App developed with Flutter featuring beautiful UI, category-based news, story for faster news reading, inbuilt article viewer, share feature, and more.
5 years ago10unlicenseJava
The App AnotherRSS is a free Atom RSS Feed Reader and very similar to ViboraFeed.
5 months ago9agpl-3.0TypeScript
A completely free and independent mobile RSS reader with no algorithmic timeline
Commento Heroku7
3 years ago3mitGo
Augmented Dockerfile for Commento so we can run it on Heroku
4 years ago2mitGo
Commento Community Edition (CE) is an open source, privacy focused discussion platform. Self-host and embed Commento CE on your own server, in a container, or on a cloud provider.
Commento For Mysql3
5 years agomitGo
This is a modified version that supports Mysql.
5 years agobsd-3-clauseGo
Easy to use privacy oriented cloudless file sharing
9 years agoJavaScript
This is a repository for an RFID security protocol for the healthcare environment.
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Homepage  –  Demo  –  Documentation  –  Contributing  –  #commento on Freenode

Commento is a platform that you can embed in your website to allow your readers to add comments. It's reasonably fast lightweight. Supports markdown, import from Disqus, voting, automated spam detection, moderation tools, sticky comments, thread locking, OAuth login, single sign-on, and email notifications.

How is this different from Disqus, Facebook Comments, and the rest?

Most other products in this space do not respect your privacy; showing ads is their primary business model and that nearly always comes at the users' cost. Commento has no ads; you're the customer, not the product. While Commento is free software, in order to keep the service sustainable, the hosted cloud version is not offered free of cost. Commento is also orders of magnitude lighter than alternatives.

Why should I care about my readers' privacy?

For starters, your readers value their privacy. Not caring about them is disrespectful and you will end up alienating your audience; they won't come back. Disqus still isn't GDPR-compliant (according to their privacy policy). Disqus adds megabytes to your page size; what happens when a random third-party script that is injected into your website turns malicious?


Read the documentation to get started.


If this is your first contribution to Commento, please go through the contribution guidelines before you begin. If you have any questions, join #commento on Freenode.

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