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Klak is a collection of scripts for creative coding with Unity.


  • Noise/Random number

  • Perlin noise

  • Reproducible random number series with xxHash

  • Reproducible noise generator

  • Interpolator

  • Frame rate independent exponential interpolation

  • Classic spring smoothing

  • Critically damped spring smoothing

  • Extension methods for the standard classes

  • Vector4/Quaternion converter

  • Material property setter

  • Klak.Motion: basic procedural motion

  • Constant motion

  • Brownian motion

  • Klak.Wiring: node-based patching system


Download one of the unitypackage files from the Releases page and import it to a project.


  • MidiKlak - MIDI input extension
  • OscKlak - OSC (Open Sound Control) input extension
  • KlakUI - Custom UI controls
  • KlakSpout - Spout (inter-application video sharing) extension



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