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Bepis Injector Extensible

BepInEx is a plugin / modding framework for Unity Mono, IL2CPP and .NET framework games (XNA, FNA, MonoGame, etc.)

(Currently only Unity Mono has stable releases)

Platform compatibility chart

Windows OSX Linux ARM
Unity Mono ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ N/A
Unity IL2CPP ✔️ ❌ (Wine only)
.NET / XNA ✔️ Mono Mono N/A

A more comprehensive comparison list of features and compatibility is available at


Latest releases

Bleeding Edge builds

How to install

User and developer guides

Discord server

Available plugin loaders

Name Link to project
MelonLoader BepInEx.MelonLoader.Loader
MonoMod BepInEx.MonoMod.Loader
Partiality BepInEx-Partiality-Wrapper
Sybaris BepInEx.SybarisLoader.Patcher
UnityInjector BepInEx.UnityInjector.Loader
Unity Mod Manager Yan.UMMLoader

Used libraries

IL2CPP libraries


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