Febi Stack

FHIR + Ethereum + BigchainDB + IPFS = Decentralized stack for Personal Health Records management
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FHIR + Ethereum + BigchainDB + IPFS = Decentralized stack for Personal Health Records management
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The F.E.B.I Stack


F.E.B.I. stands for

  • FHIR Frontend
  • Ethereum
  • IPFS
  • BigchainDB

F.E.B.I. is a PoC application stack which uses decentralized technologies for Health Records

Decetralized stack vs Traditional web stacks


Technology FEBI LEMP
Application Logic Ethereum PHP
Database BigchainDB MySQL
Filesystem IPFS Linux
Server Browser only Nginx


To build the frontend you must have Yarn or npm installed, then run yarn start for a local server or yarn build to build the files to later upload in IPFS.

Blockchain TODO


  1. Metamask browser plugin
  2. Ganache locally installed
  3. Truffle locally installed

Running the smart contracts

  • Compile contracts: truffle compile
  • Migrate contracts: truffle migrate
  • Test contracts: truffle test




  1. In a terminal run ipfs daemon
  2. In a second terminal run ipfs add -r ipfs/app


  1. Encrypt FHIR files before upload them in IPFS
  2. Ethereum User Registry smart contract
  3. Ethereum Asset hashes and signatures smart contract
  4. Ethereum Permissioning and Access Control rules smart contract
  5. OAuth login to EHR apps with FHIR support (e.g. Epic, Cerner sandboxes)
  6. React material UI
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