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                                Add a dot in front of that file! 

             This repository is the collection of configurations that I learned over
             time and still use for my  daily work. The repository contains  configs
             files for vim,  tmux and etc.  This reposiotry also contains a file for
             automating the setup of  your development machine by using xcode tools,
    and kalkayan/dotfiles.

This repository is the pack of Linux-based configurations that I learned over time and still regularly use. It includes some bash, fzf (the goodness), ripgrep, vim, sweetening prompt, tmux, and so much more. The repository is just the code; if you are interested in building your own development experience from scratch, read the following series: Add a dot in front of that file! (A four-part series based on my learnings).

Start using these dotfiles

Before starting the installation, I recommend reading Storing dotfiles with Git to understand how this repository makes the best of Git using --bare.

You can either follow the above articles and install these using git clone --bare or use the setup script to install dotfiles/setup a machine/installing bins and casks and other things.

# To install the dotfiles
curl -fsSL | zsh -s -- --with-dotfiles

Also, this repository provides you a neat way of setting up a new system with a single command, independent of any other softwares, run:

# To setup a new machine from scratch
curl -fsSL | zsh -s -- --new-machine

If in case is not available, please use the mirror

Contributing to dotfiles

Suggestions / Improvements or any other helpful trick is always welcome, Please raise a PR with some context or any helpful links.

Feel free to reach me out at [email protected] or connect with me on LinkedIn.

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