VR mod for Minecraft. For Version 1.16.X
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VR mod for Minecraft. For Version 1.16.X
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Alternatives To Vivecraft_116
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Vivecraft for Minecraft 1.16

This readme is intended for developers. For downloads and gameplay instructions please see the official website


Vivecraft supports localization of its plethora of options and other strings. If you are multilingual and would like to help the project out, you can translate Vivecraft into your language of choice over on Transifex. If your target language is not on the list, you can put in a request for it to be added. Note that we can only support languages that Minecraft itself supports, which you can find a list of on the Minecraft wiki.

When translating tooltips (these are indicated by having .tooltip at the end of the translation key) bear in mind that the tooltip box in-game has a fixed size and a limit of 8 lines, so if you write too much text it may be truncated. It can be difficult to judge where the limit is though since it depends on character width, so just guess and don't worry about it too much. There's a lot of extra space in most tooltips so it will likely be fine. Also, for tooltips that have a listing of what the option values do, the values on the left side of the colon should match what will appear on the button.

Some option names may appear to be vague and missing context. This is because context is provided by the category they are in. The names of these categories are found under the vivecraft.options.screen keys.

If you see a § in the text, that and the character immediately after it make a format code. Minecraft uses these to color or stylize text, you can read about them on the Minecraft wiki to understand the intent. Feel free to insert format codes to stylize text as you see fit.

If you're not sure about a particular translation, feel free to join our Discord server and ask about it.

Using this Repository

Vivecraft uses patches to avoid distributing Minecraft code. The build scripts are in Python 2.X.

  • Fork, checkout or download the repo using your Git method of choice.
  • Install Java JDK 1.8. The Java JRE will NOT work.
  • Set the JAVA_HOME environment variable to the JDK directory
  • Add %JAVA_HOME%\bin to your PATH environment variable
  • Install Python 2.7.x (NOT 3.x). Be sure to tick the 'add python to your PATH' option during install. Download from
  • Open a command prompt and navigate to the repo directory
  • Run install.bat

The install process ( does a number of things:

  • It downloads MCP (Minecraft coder's pack) and extracts it to the \mcp9xx\ directory.
  • It downloads a ton of dependencies.
  • It merges Optifine into vanilla minecraft jar.
  • It decompiles and deobfuscates the combined minecraft/optifine into \mcp9xx\src.minecraft_orig_nofix\
  • It applies any patches found in \mcppatches\ and copies the result to\mcp9xx\src.minecraft_orig\
  • It applies all the patches found in \patches\ and copies the result to \mcp9xx\src\minecraft.
  • It copies all code files found in \src\ to \mcp9xx\src\minecraft.
  • It copies all files found in \assets\ to \mcp9xx\src\assets. This directory is now the full 'Vivecraft' codebase.

If you use Eclipse you can open the workspace found in \mcp9xx\eclipse. You will have to correct the libraries (except jsr305) and JRE verssion, all of these can be found in the root /lib folder. To run the game from eclipse you also have to attach natives to the lwjgl jar (from lib/natives).

Make all changes to the game in the \mcp9xx\src\minecraft directory.

To update code to Github:

  • run getchanges.bat. This compares mcp9xx\src\minecraft to mcp9xx\src\minecraft_orig. patches are generated for modified files and copied to \patches. Whole new files are copied to \src.
  • Push to Github.

To build an installer:

  • run build.bat. This runs getchanges, build, and then create_install. Basically it takes the new files and patches and creates a jar. And then it uses the code and jsons found in \installer\ to make an installer.exe.

To update changes from github

  • After pulling changes from github run applychanges.bat. This backs up mcp9xx\src\minecraft to mcp9xx\src\minecraft_bak, and starts over by applying all patches in \patches\ to mcp9xx\src\minecraft_orig, and copies the result o mcp9xx\src\minecraft
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