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This is a Minecraft Base Client
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Minecraft Hack Baseclient240
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This is a Minecraft Base Client
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Automatic chat translation plugin and API for Bukkit-based Minecraft servers.
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Minecraft Base Hacked Client 1.8.8 (with Optifine)


We have a FAQ (Q&A) section! If you are interested you can click here

We also have a Discord server! Click here to join

If you don't have Discord, but have Twitter and need help or want to stay updated, you can follow me here


What's needed

  • Internet connection
  • At least 4gb of ram
  • Java JDK (1.8)
  • Java JRE (1.8)
  • An IDE (The setup is for Eclipse, but MCP can also be setup on IntelliJ Idea)


Now a video is available, showing how to set up the client. - The video is not up to date and a step is missing. Until that is updated you can watch that video and then come back and do the last step (adding javaws to your build path)

Let's get started

Note: the instructions in italic apply ONLY to Eclipse, if you have a different IDE, search how to set the project up on Google

  • Download Minecraft Coders Pack 918 (1.8.8) (or MCP)
  • Unzip the MCP into a folder and enter it
  • Double click the "decompile" bat file inside of the folder and wait for the assets to be copied
  • When the message "== Decompiling client using fernflower ==" pops up inside of the terminal you can close the window (there is no need to actually decompile the MCP)
  • Download the project as ZIP
  • Enter the "src" folder
  • Delete the "minecraft" folder, if any is present
  • Copy the folder "minecraft" from the project's ZIP into the "src" folder
  • Launch Eclipse into the "eclipse" folder (that is inside the folder you decompiled the MCP in) as workspace
  • Optionally delete the Server project (it is safe to do so)
  • Optionally enable the @formatting tags (Window -> Preferences -> Java -> Code Style -> Formatter -> Edit -> Expand "Off/On tags" -> Tick the "Enable Off/On tags" -> Change the Profile Name (or you will not be able to save) -> OK -> Apply and Close)
  • Change the JRE version from JRE1_6 to JRE1_8 (Right click on "Client" -> Build Path -> Libraries -> Scroll to the bottom -> Double click "JRE System" -> Choose a JRE1_8 -> Finish -> Apply and Close)
  • Add the javaws.jar to your project buildpath (the file is located here: "JAVA_PATH\jre1.8.0_VERSION\lib\javaws.jar", where "JAVA_PATH" is where your java is installed ("C:\Program Files\Java", or "C:\Program Files (x86)\Java" for 64-bit computers, is the default path on Windows) and "VERSION" is the java version you have installed.


  • CommandManager (with four commands, "irc", "set", "help", "bind" (added in the commit #41 / 0be34e4), "friend" and "names" (both added in the commit #78 / aa78114)
  • ModuleManager (with module settings, four example module (Fly, TestModule, Friends and NameProtect) and the "AdvancedTabGUI" module)
  • EventManager
  • FileManager
  • ConfigManager
  • TabGUI
  • Module ArrayList
  • Hotbar Overlay
  • Alt Manager (By Russian412)
  • Slick's FontManager (Edited by Russian412 and me) - Updated in the commit #77 / a0bfdf7
  • IRC Client
  • FriendsManager - manages friends and enemies. Added in the commit #95 / d5e1270 by @evrec
  • ClickGui - This is not completely finished yet, but it's working and will be completed in the future. Added in the commit #112 / 0cded5b

Coming Soon / TODO

  • Better hotbar overlay (Added in commit #44 / 7634127)
  • Better module arraylist (Added in commit #29 / 070586b!)
  • Better font manager (Added in commit #77 / a0bfdf7)
  • Help command (Done)
  • Better FileManager / ConfigManager (Not needed as of now)
  • Enhance some code
  • Multi Versioning! Exactly, joining 1.12 servers in 1.8.8...

Most Important TODOs

  • Create a wiki for every part of the client
  • Finish all of the event handlers (Done! Added in the commit #38 / a2c72e1)
  • Finish the TabGui, so that the module settings can be changed from there (they can be seen already, but not changed) (Done, added in the commit #55 / 26c5f09)

Any help is highly appreciated, I cannot put all of my time into this project, but expect updates to be coming pretty soon
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