X Minecraft Launcher

An Open Source Minecraft Launcher with Modern UX. Provide a Disk Efficient way to manage all your Mods!
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X Minecraft Launcher379
2 days ago47mitTypeScript
An Open Source Minecraft Launcher with Modern UX. Provide a Disk Efficient way to manage all your Mods!
Hello Vue Django330
5 years ago1unlicensePython
vuejs and Django integration with hot code reload. Dont use this, use https://github.com/NdagiStanley/vue-django or https://github.com/gtalarico/django-vue-template
9 days ago27apache-2.0TypeScript
A Dynmap, Squaremap, Pl3xmap and Overviewer frontend for the modern web
a day ago78mitJava
A plugin repository used for paper plugins
Solar Tweaks166
3 months ago6gpl-3.0Vue
Solar Tweaks is a tool for tweaking and customizing Lunar Client. Give yourself an upgrade in your gaming experience.
3 months ago73mitVue
Website & online apps for LuckPerms.
L Shop117
10 months ago30PHP
Modern e-commerce system for Minecraft.
4 months ago189gpl-3.0TypeScript
Next generation of bridge., the Minecraft Add-On editor
7 months ago22mitVue
Mini's Mapping Viewer
7 days ago10mitVue
Complete Web Suite for Minecraft Servers
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Discord Kook afdian patreon


Visit the official site to download the app!

If you have winget, you can use winget to install

winget install CI010.XMinecraftLauncher



  • 📥 Download & auto complete. Support download Minecraft, Forge, Fabric, Quilt, OptiFine, JVM from official or third party mirrors.
  • ⚡️ Download Fast. Reuse socket via HTTP/HTTPS agents, and download the files in parts concurrently.
  • 💻 Cross platform. The launcher is based on Electron, and supports 🗔 Windows 10/11, 🍎 MacOS, and 🐧 Linux.
  • 📚 Multi-Instancing. Users can create multiple instances to isolate the different versions, mods and launch settings.
  • 🗂 Manage all resources. Use (hard/symbolic) links to install resources in instances, keep your disk usage optimal. No copies of mods everywhere! 😆
  • 🔥 Built-in support of CurseForge, Modrinth. You can download resources inside the launcher.
  • 📦 Support import/export CurseForge & Modrinth modpacks with compliance!
  • 🔒 Support multiple account systems. Built-in Microsoft login and Mojang Yggdrasil API. It also has builtin support of ely.by and littleskin.cn. You can also add third-party authentication servers!
  • 🔗 Peer to peer connection between users. You can play multiplayer over LAN even you are not in same physical LAN!
  • 🔑 Code sign & modern packaging. Under Windows, you can use appx and appinstaller to install the app. You won't receive blocking message from your browser or see SmartScreen errors anymore! 😎


For general developer, see Contributing

For i18n localization developer, please follow Getting Started with Localization



Sponsor (AFDIAN)


GodLeaveMe, maintaining the AUR package registry.

0xc0000142, maintaining the winget.

vanja-san, who provides Russian locale!

lukechu10 & HoldYourWaffle helps me on Launcher core.

laolarou726, who helps a lot on launcher design.

Also special thanks to

Yricky, Jin, LG, Phoebe, Sumeng Wang, Luca, Charles Tang

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