Awesome Open Source
Awesome Open Source

This game needs to be updated, currently working on updating

What is this game?

Open Terrarium is an open world, open source, 2D block based sandbox game where you can mine and craft.

How does this differ from the thousands of other Terraria clones?

Open Terrarium is written in a higher level language so that it's much easier to modify, debug, add into, and program in general.

Why Love 2D?

Love 2D has an extensive, fast, and easy to learn API written in LUA which makes programming easier and fun.

How do I run this game?

Currently this is in alpha, version 0.0.1 and has no packed executable. You can open a terminal, cd into the directory, and type love . to run the game.


When programming, using Geany IDE seems to be the easiest. How to easily run the game using the F5 key is to go into Build -> Set Build Commands, then change the Execute section to this:

Execute Section

Latest Video of Open Terrarium


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