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Opennmt Py6,449286 months ago35November 02, 202336mitPython
Open Source Neural Machine Translation and (Large) Language Models in PyTorch
2 years agoTeX
《机器翻译:基础与模型》肖桐 朱靖波 著 - Machine Translation: Foundations and Models
Coursera Deep Learning Specialization2,459
6 months ago22Jupyter Notebook
Notes, programming assignments and quizzes from all courses within the Coursera Deep Learning specialization offered by deeplearning.ai: (i) Neural Networks and Deep Learning; (ii) Improving Deep Neural Networks: Hyperparameter tuning, Regularization and Optimization; (iii) Structuring Machine Learning Projects; (iv) Convolutional Neural Networks; (v) Sequence Models
Ctranslate22,437236 months ago103December 05, 2023110mitC++
Fast inference engine for Transformer models
4 years ago48mitLua
Open Source Neural Machine Translation in Torch (deprecated)
a year ago22apache-2.0Jupyter Notebook
Code and data accompanying Natural Language Processing with PyTorch published by O'Reilly Media https://amzn.to/3JUgR2L
Opennmt Tf1,410939 months ago101August 04, 202327mitPython
Neural machine translation and sequence learning using TensorFlow
3 years ago85apache-2.0Python
Toolkit for efficient experimentation with Speech Recognition, Text2Speech and NLP
Nlp Models Tensorflow1,329
4 years ago3mitJupyter Notebook
Gathers machine learning and Tensorflow deep learning models for NLP problems, 1.13 < Tensorflow < 2.0
29 months ago85March 03, 20233apache-2.0Python
Sequence-to-sequence framework with a focus on Neural Machine Translation based on PyTorch
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