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14 years ago36August 26, 201914mitPython
SEO python scraper to extract data from major searchengine result pages. Extract data like url, title, snippet, richsnippet and the type from searchresults for given keywords. Detect Ads or make automated screenshots. You can also fetch text content of urls provided in searchresults or by your own. It's usefull for SEO and business related research tasks.
3 years ago10gpl-3.0C#
SEO Macroscope is a website scanning tool, to check your website for broken links; including some technical SEO functionality, site scraping, Excel reporting, and more.
Xtract3818 years ago3January 09, 2015mitJavaScript
Extract data from DOM, easily.
5 years agomitJavaScript
keywords-extract - Command line tool extract keywords from any web page.
Seo Scraper22
a year ago6August 07, 2021JavaScript
Scrape SEO elements or whatever you need with this scraper built in Node.js
Awesome Seo Scripts22
3 years agoJavaScript
Random SEO scripts
Screaming Frog Shingling21
4 years agomitPython
Uses Screaming Frog Internal HTML with text extraction along with a shingling algorithm to compare content duplication across the pages of a crawled site.
Keyword Mining12
6 years agomitPython
API - extract a list of keywords from a text.
Wordpress Cli9
12 years agoPython
WordPress Command Line Interface
Summernote Seo3
5 years ago1mitJavaScript
Summernote Plugin to Extract Keywords with options of where to place them.
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I write a lot of random code around SEO and want to make more of it public in 2020.

If you have an idea, but not sure how to code it, hit me up @johnmurch on twitter - WayBack Machine

This script allows you to download all the URLs from a given domain.

cd && npm install

node fetch.js

Puppeteer Redirect

This script reads URLs from urls.txt (One URL Per Line) and checks for redirects using Puppeteer

cd puppeteer-redirect && npm install

node puppeteer-redirect.js

Sources vs Dom

This script fetches a webpage with Puppeteer and saves both the source and DOM of a webpage. Great for identifying some SEO issues. Be sure to change the URL in fetch.js (line 7)

cd domVsSource && npm install

node fetch.js

Backlink Checker

This script fetches a webpage with Puppeteer and loops through all links checking for a specific backlink. This script also pulls out the anchor text and rel attributes (e.g. nofollow)

cd backlink-checker && npm install

Update urls.txt

node checker.js

Meta Extract

This script fetches a URL and parses the meta data using Web Auto Extractor which parses meta tags as well as Microdata, RDFa-lite and JSON-LD

cd meta-extract && npm install

node fetch.js

cat meta.json˜˜

Puppeteer Extract

This script extracts phone numbers and emails from a webpage, including checking links mailto tags

cd puppeteer-extract && npm install

node puppeteer-extract.js

cat output.csv

Puppeteer Redirect

This script checks a URL and captures the redirect chain

cd puppeteer-redirect && npm install

node puppeteer-redirect.js

cat output.csv



  • BigSitemap - Postgres + Puppeteer
  • SEOCI - Automated SEO Testing
  • ngram
  • entities // Google NLP
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