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Northwind Traders is a sample application built using ASP.NET Core and Entity Framework Core. The architecture and design of the project is explained in the video:

The initial construction of this project is explained in the following blog posts:

For information on upcoming features and fixes, take a look at the product roadmap.

Getting Started

Use these instructions to get the project up and running.


You will need the following tools:


Follow these steps to get your development environment set up:

  1. Clone the repository

  2. At the root directory, restore required packages by running:

    dotnet restore
  3. Next, build the solution by running:

    dotnet build
  4. Next, within the \Src\WebUI\ClientApp directory, launch the front end by running:

    npm start
  5. Once the front end has started, within the \Src\WebUI directory, launch the back end by running:

    dotnet run
  6. Launch https://localhost:44376/ in your browser to view the Web UI

  7. Launch https://localhost:44376/api in your browser to view the API


  • .NET Core 3
  • ASP.NET Core 3
  • Entity Framework Core 3
  • Angular 8


The master branch is running .NET Core 3. The dotnetcore22 branch contains an earlier version built with .NET Core 2.2. This is the version closely related to the talks on Clean Architecture with ASP.NET Core 2.1 / 2.2.


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details.

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