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Tiny library (<200B gzip) for deferring something by a "tick"

  • Using setTimeout is actually a bit slow because its clamped to 4ms
  • setImmediate is not available in most places (and probably never will be)
  • process.nextTick is only in Node
  • Promise#then needs polyfills in places
  • tickedoff uses whatever the best available option is
  • There are more robust libraries/polyfills but they are larger in size
  • This is all especially good for libraries to use


yarn add tickedoff


const defer = require('tickedoff');

defer(() => console.log(3));
// 1
// 2
// 3


$ node perf.js
process.nextTick x 10000 = 24ms
Promise#then x 10000 = 29ms
setImmediate x 10000 = 68ms
setTimeout x 10000 = 13506ms

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