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Jaeger UI

Visualize distributed tracing with Jaeger.

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The app was built with create-react-app.

Running the application

Fork, then clone the jaeger-ui repo and change directory into it.

git clone
cd jaeger-ui

Use the recommended Node versions: (defined in .nvmrc file):

nvm use

Install dependencies via yarn:

yarn install
# or

Make sure you have the Jaeger Query service running on http://localhost:16686. For example, you can run Jaeger all-in-one Docker image as described in the documentation.

If you don't have it running locally, then tunnel to the correct host and port.


If you are using UI Base Path feature, you need to append the base path into proxy->/api->target in package.json file. for example: if the base path is "/jaeger", then the target should be "http://localhost:16686/jaeger"

Start the development server with hot loading:

yarn start


Command Description
yarn start Starts development server with hot reloading and api proxy.
yarn test Run all the tests
yarn lint Lint the project (eslint, prettier, typescript)
yarn build Runs production build. Outputs files to packages/jaeger-ui/build.


Running build will output all the static files to the packages/jaeger-ui/build folder:

yarn install
yarn build

UI Configuration

See the configuration guide for details on configuring Google Analytics tracking, menu customizations, and other aspects of UI behavior.


Apache 2.0 License.

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