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Last Update: 04/July/2021.

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✍️ About

This repository contains a collection of various SpriteKit nodes and components for intermediate/advanced use cases.

⚠️ Caution

  • Please note that you have to be very careful if you are going to use the repo in commercial projects - do not use graphics assets. The assets were taken from the Web and However I strongly recommend to double check it.

🏗 Installation


Will be added in the next update.


You can always handpick the component from the sources and manually add it to your project.

🕹 Joystick Node

Joystick node component. Controlls movement or/and orientation of attached node. Implemented using POP design. In order to use you need to conform to Controllable2D protocol composition typealias. Or you can conform to either MovableProtocol or OrientationProtocol.


⛓ Rope Node

Rope/Chain node component. Can also be used to simulate bridges, platforms and gameplay elemnts.


  • [ ] Ability to slice the rope into pieces


💣 Destructible Node

Adds an ability to visualize explosions for SKSpriteNodes. The physics shape is recalculated when sprite is re-rendered. The effect is fairly simple, however it can be used for games like Worms in order to add more dynamic gameplay when using projectiles and bombs.


  • [ ] Proper resizing - right now the texture is reset back to the original size when hit tested
  • [ ] Ability to slice the node when it is sliced into more than one pieces


👨‍💻 Author

Astemir Eleev

🔖 Licence

The project is availabe under GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE

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