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LiteApp is a high performance mobile cross-platform framework. The implementation of its cross-platform functionality is based on webview but improved with novel ideas and solutions for better performance.

LiteApp dedicates to enable developers to use modern web development technology to build applications on both Android and iOS with a single codebase. More specifically, you can use javascript and modern front-end framework Vue.js to develop mobile apps by using LiteApp, with which, productivity and performance can coexist ,application you build will be running on web with performance close to native. We achieve this by decoupling the render engine from the syntax layer, see more detail below.


Platform System Notes
iOS iOS 9.0 or later Xcode 9.0 or later
Android Android 4.0 or later n/a
Web n/a n/a




Demo Project

iOS Display

iOS Demo

Android Display

Android Demo


  • [x] High Performance: Writing on web, have the same performance as the native app
  • [x] Load Fast Fast rendering for all pages , especially for the first time
  • [x] Mobile Cross-platform Build both Android and iOS with a single codebase
  • [x] Asynchronous Threads the render engines are separated from the syntax layer
  • [x] Simple Code Few code but powerful
  • [x] Expandable Proprietary API for extension and it can add more features
  • [x] Complete Documentation Each section has a corresponding document and easy to understand

How To Get Started


$ git clone
$ cd liteApp


  • If you need help, use Email or Github . (Tag 'LiteApp')
  • If you'd like to ask a general question, use Email or Github.
  • If you found a bug, and can provide steps to reliably reproduce it, open an issue.
  • If you have a feature request, open an issue.
  • If you want to contribute, submit a pull request.

Performance Test

LiteApp VS H5 App Results:70% reduction in first load time,Switch Page is 60 FPS

Project Loading Time/ms Switch Page/fps
LiteApp 250-500 ms Perfect/60
HTML5 App > 1000ms White screen for a short time/53


iOS Demo


Android Demo


LiteApp was originally created by Guodong Chen Chen Zhang Jingyuan Zhou Yanqiang Zhang .

LiteApp's logo was designed by Guodong Chen

And most of all, thanks to LiteApp's Contributors

Security Disclosure

If you believe you have identified a security vulnerability with LiteApp, you can contact Guodong Chen as soon as possible. Please do not post it to a public issue tracker.


LiteApp is released under the Apache License, Version 2.0. See LICENSE for details.

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