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Javascript Script Engine

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Executes Javascript, Typescript Scripts.

Function documentation


Here you can find description of blockly.

Hier kann man die Beschreibung von Blockly finden.

Описание по blockly можно найти здесь.

This adapter uses Sentry libraries to automatically report exceptions and code errors to the developers. For more details and for information how to disable the error reporting see Sentry-Plugin Documentation! Sentry reporting is used starting with js-controller 3.0.

How to build (only for developers)

Just run npm i in the root and in the src folders.

And then call npm run build.


  • Goto current line in debugger
  • heating profile (future releases)
  • ...


5.1.4 (2021-03-23)

  • (bluefox) fixed the error with the simulation

5.1.3 (2021-03-23)

  • (bluefox) fixed the error in the debugging

5.1.2 (2021-03-22)

  • (bluefox) Showed the runtime information for the rules

5.1.1 (2021-03-21)

  • (bluefox) Implemented the debug of the instances from javascript adapter

5.1.0 (2021-03-19)

  • (bluefox) Implemented the debug of scripts possibility


The MIT License (MIT)

Copyright (c) 2014-2021 bluefox [email protected],

Copyright (c) 2014 hobbyquaker

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