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The code powering and
Plotlydash Flask Tutorial466
6 months ago22Less
📊📉 Embed Plotly Dash into your Flask applications.
4 years ago5Go
micro 微服务实例教程,包含JWT鉴权、熔断、监控、链路追踪、健康检查、跨域等
Wunderground Sensehat238
5 years ago4mitPython
Tutorial and code for using the Raspberry PI Sense HAT plus a weather API (Dark Sky) to create a personal weather dashboard.
Smarthome Tutorial191
3 years ago14mitVue
🎓 Tutorial: smart-home dashboard UI concept.
Angular Dashboard113
4 years ago5apache-2.0TypeScript
Skeleton for a responsive and fully customizable Angular Dashboard
Gradle Kotlin Spring99
3 months ago1mitKotlin
Multi-Project/Module example with Gradle, Kotlin and Spring with Kotlin DSL
Bot8427 months ago1February 02, 20212mitTypeScript
Simple multi-purpose Discord bot made with TypeScript
Bigquery Bokeh Dashboard43
2 years agoapache-2.0Python
Public Health38
6 years ago
⚕ Tutorials for public health crossfilter dashboards
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Welcome! You've found the source code for the website and the Code Studio platform. is a non-profit dedicated to expanding access to computer science education. You can read more about our efforts at

Quick start

  1. Follow our setup guide to configure your workstation.
  2. rake build to build the application if you have not done so already
  3. bin/dashboard-server to launch the development server.
  4. Open your browser to

To see a list of all build commands, run rake from the repository root.

How to help

Wondering where to start? See our contribution guidelines.

What's in this repo?

Here's a quick overview of the major landmarks:



The server for our Code Studio learning platform, a Ruby on Rails application responsible for:

  • Our courses, tutorials, and puzzle configurations
  • User accounts
  • Student progress and projects
  • The "levelbuilder" content creation tools


The server for the website, a Sinatra application responsible for:


The JavaScript 'engine' for all of our tutorials, puzzle types and online tools. It gets built into a static package that we serve through dashboard. Though there are currently some exceptions, the goal is that all JS code ultimately lives here, so that it gets the benefit of linting/JSX/ES6/etc. Start here if you are looking for:

Everything else

  • aws: Configuration and scripts that manage our deployments.
  • bin: Developer utilities.
  • cookbooks: Configuration management through Chef.
  • shared: Source and assets used by many parts of our application.
  • tools: Git commit hooks.
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