Hstore Extension

The encoder/decoder and set of the doctrine functions for the postgresql type `hstore`
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Ruby Pg713281,7092,1928 days ago84June 24, 202214otherC
A PostgreSQL client library for Ruby
Pgproto31202,122a year ago27September 17, 20222mitGo
5 years ago2mitC
INACTIVE: A PostgreSQL logical decoder output plugin to deliver data as Protocol Buffers
4 months ago11March 28, 20218mitJavaScript
PostgreSQL client library for Deno and Node.js that exposes all features of wire protocol.
7 years agounlicenseC
PostgreSQL logical decoder to JSON
Hstore Extension16
8 months ago4July 24, 20191mitPHP
The encoder/decoder and set of the doctrine functions for the postgresql type `hstore`
8 years ago1April 03, 20122Python
cpghstore is a fast decoder/encoder of the PostgreSQL hstore data type.
6 years agoGo
Parse the output of Postgres' logical test_decoder.
6 years agoGo
Replicate DBs using Postgres' built-in test_decoder logical replication plugin.
Baan Utf T Decoder2
3 years agolgpl-3.0C
Decoding UTF-T texts in PostgreSQL
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HStore Extension

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PostgreSQL module hstore allows to store sets of key/value pairs within a single PostgreSQL value. More about it here.

The HStore Extension contains DBAL type hstore and registers Doctrine type hstore.


To install this library, run the command below and you will get the latest version:

composer require intaro/hstore-extension

If you want to run the tests:


You can find an example configuration for using HStore extension in Symfony2 in config/hstore.yml. You can just include in you config.yml:

    - { resource: ../../vendor/intaro/hstore-extension/config/hstore.yml }

PHP extension

To speed up encoding/decoding of strings you can install C extension shipped in ext/hstore directory.

To compile extension you must install php-dev package.

sudo make install

Finally, enable the extension in your php.ini configuration file:

extension = hstore.so
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