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For some users I write a cli to generate vim configuration called Jarvim


  • Minimalistic good looks inspired by modern editors.
  • A modular architecture for a more organized Neovim configuration.
  • Automatic indentation detection and editorconfig integration. Let someone else argue about tabs vs spaces.
  • Fast search (and replace) utilities, powered by ripgrep and vim-clap
  • A combining vim and emacs keybinding scheme, centered around leader and localleader prefix keys (SPC and ;, by default).
  • Full Lsp support by coc.nvim
  • Fast startup less than 80ms with 60+ plugins and a declarative plugin management powered by dein
  • Beautiful statusline spaceline.vim
  • colorscheme OceanicMaterial
  • dashboard dashboard-nvim
  • Interactive shell installation language support


git clone --depth=1 ~/.config/nvim
cd ~/.config/nvim
bash scripts/


bash scripts/

Quick Start

Check the thinkvim wiki page or docs folder.


  • ask on Gitter
  • 中文频道 Gitter


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Credits & Contribution

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