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Fabric15,0451616 months ago255March 22, 2022180apache-2.0Go
Hyperledger Fabric is an enterprise-grade permissioned distributed ledger framework for developing solutions and applications. Its modular and versatile design satisfies a broad range of industry use cases. It offers a unique approach to consensus that enables performance at scale while preserving privacy.
Fabric Samples2,64726 months ago42April 23, 2021156apache-2.0Go
Samples for Hyperledger Fabric
Fabric Sdk Java1,11792107 months ago61November 29, 20234apache-2.0Java
Docker Compose Files920
a year ago1Go
Some typical docker compose templates.
Fabric Sdk Go89535696 months ago39February 11, 202254apache-2.0Go
Fabric Sdk Node7821,016926 months ago1,152November 15, 20234apache-2.0JavaScript
Hyperledger Fabric SDK for Node https://wiki.hyperledger.org/display/fabric
Build Blockchain Insurance App715
2 years ago37apache-2.0JavaScript
Sample insurance application using Hyperledger Fabric
a year ago1other
Code analysis on hyperledger fabric project
Blockchainer Roadmap478
a year ago1
Roadmap of learning blockchain technology and business knowledge summarized by ZJUBCA(浙大区块链协会总结的区块链知识学习路线). Welcome to contribute!!!
Firefly44346 months ago62July 27, 2023118apache-2.0Go
Hyperledger FireFly is the first open source Supernode: a complete stack for enterprises to build and scale secure Web3 applications. The FireFly API for digital assets, data flows, and blockchain transactions makes it radically faster to build production-ready apps on popular chains and protocols.
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