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React native dropdown picker v4

A single / multiple, categorizable & searchable item picker (dropdown) component for react native which supports both Android & iOS.


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Make sure react-native-vector-icons is installed.


  • @petkovv submitted PR #228 [March 20, 2021]
  • Added noTopRadius. [March 17, 2021]
  • Added noBottomRadius. [March 17, 2021]
  • @antoinebrtd submitted PR #218 [March 09, 2021]
  • @Maclay74 submitted PR #216 [Februrary 26, 2021]
  • Added childrenContainerStyle. [Februrary 13, 2021]
  • Added textStyle viewStyle & untouchable props to items. [Februrary 13, 2021]
  • Added category support. [Februrary 13, 2021]
  • Added globalTextStyle. [February 11, 2021]
  • Added onSearch. [January 27, 2021]
  • Added labelProps. [January 06, 2021]
  • Some bug-fixes. [January 06, 2021]
  • Added containerProps. [December 21, 2020]

Getting Started


via NPM
npm install react-native-dropdown-picker --save
via Yarn
yarn add react-native-dropdown-picker

Basic Usage

The first step is to import the package.

import DropDownPicker from 'react-native-dropdown-picker';

Single Item

Select a single item.

import Icon from 'react-native-vector-icons/Feather';

this.state = {
    country: 'uk'

        {label: 'USA', value: 'usa', icon: () => <Icon name="flag" size={18} color="#900" />, hidden: true},
        {label: 'UK', value: 'uk', icon: () => <Icon name="flag" size={18} color="#900" />},
        {label: 'France', value: 'france', icon: () => <Icon name="flag" size={18} color="#900" />},
    containerStyle={{height: 40}}
    style={{backgroundColor: '#fafafa'}}
        justifyContent: 'flex-start'
    dropDownStyle={{backgroundColor: '#fafafa'}}
    onChangeItem={item => this.setState({
        country: item.value

Multiple Items

Select multiple items.

import Icon from 'react-native-vector-icons/Feather';

this.state = {
    selectedCountriesValues: ['uk'],
    selectedCountries: [{label: 'UK', value: 'uk', icon: () => <Icon name="flag" size={18} color="#900"/> }]

        {label: 'UK', value: 'uk', icon: () => <Icon name="flag" size={18} color="#900" />},
        {label: 'France', value: 'france', icon: () => <Icon name="flag" size={18} color="#900" />},

    multipleText="%d items have been selected."

    containerStyle={{height: 40}}
        justifyContent: 'flex-start'
    onChangeItem={item => this.setState({
        selectedCountriesValues: item // an array of the selected items values
    onChangeItemMultiple={item => this.setState({
        selectedCountries: item // an array of the selected items

Available Item Properties

Here's the type definition of an item.

type ItemType = {
    label: any; // required
    value: any; // required
    icon?: () => JSX.Element;
    hidden?: boolean;
    untouchable?: boolean;
    parent?: any;
    disabled?: boolean;
    selected?: boolean;
    viewStyle?: StyleProp<ViewStyle>,
    textStyle?: StyleProp<TextStyle>,

Category Support

As of v4.x, You can simply categorize your items.

        {label: 'North America', value: 'na', untouchable: true}, // North America
        {label: 'United States', value: 'us', parent: 'na'},
        {label: 'Canada', value: 'canada', parent: 'na'},
        {label: 'Mexico', value: 'mexico', parent: 'na'},

        {label: 'Europe', value: 'eu', untouchable: true}, // Europe
        {label: 'UK', value: 'uk', parent: 'eu'},
        {label: 'Germany', value: 'germany', parent: 'eu'},
        {label: 'Russia', value: 'russia', parent: 'eu'},

The parent property must be equal to the value property of the parent item.
The untouchable property makes the item untouchable.

Searchable Items

Search for specific items.

searchablePlaceholder="Search for an item"
searchableError={() => <Text>Not Found</Text>}
onSearch={text => {
    // Example
    if (this._API.isFetching())

    this._API = this.fetchFromServer(text, (items) => {
        // See controller:
        this.controller.resetItems(items); // Maybe a new method will be introduced for a better UX!

Default Item

You may want to select one of the items as default.

Use one of the following options:

  1. Add selected: true to the object. (This method is not state-friendly!)

        {label: 'Item 1', value: 'item1'},
        {label: 'Item 2', value: 'item2', selected: true},
  2. The defaultValue property.

    defaultValue = 'uk'; // Single
    defaultValue = ['uk']; // Multiple


You may want to have a placeholder while the default value is null or an empty array.

Add the following properties to the component.

this.state = {
    data: null, // Single
    data: [] // Multiple

placeholder="Select an item"


The controller property gives you full access to the DropDownPicker methods and properties.

Class Components
constructor(props) {
    this.state = {
        value: null,
        items: []


    controller={instance => this.controller = instance}
    onChangeList={(items, callback) => {
            items // items: items
        }, callback);

    onChangeItem={item => this.setState({
        value: item.value
Functional Components
const [value, setValue] = useState(null);
const [items, setItems] = useState([ {...}, ... ]);

const controller = useRef(null);

    controller={instance => controller.current = instance}
    onChangeList={(items, callback) => {
            .then(() => callback());

    onChangeItem={item => setValue(item.value)}

in Class components you can call methods using this.controller.METHOD_NAME() and controller.current.METHOD_NAME() in Functional components.

  1. Reset the state.

    You may want to reset the state of your picker.

  2. Reset items.

    The second argument is your default value. (Optional)

    this.controller.resetItems([{}, {}, ...]);
    this.controller.resetItems([{}, {}, ...], 'uk'); // Single
    this.controller.resetItems([{}, {}, ...], ['uk', ...]); // Multiple
  3. Select an item manually.

    You may want to select an item manually.

    // Single
    // Multiple
    this.controller.selectItem(['uk', 'france']);
  4. Add items manually.

    There are two methods to help you add items manually.

      label: 'UK',
      value: 'uk',
      icon: () => {},
        label: 'UK',
        value: 'uk',
        icon: () => {},
  5. Remove items

    this.controller.removeItem('uk', {
      changeDefaultValue: true, // Unselect if the removed item is the selected item
  6. Check if the dropdown is open

    this.controller.isOpen(); // boolean
  7. Open, close or toggle.;

Styling The Component

There are 14 props to style the component.

  1. The style property.

    Use this to adjust the inner part of the picker.

    style={{paddingVertical: 10}}
  2. The dropDownStyle property.

    Additional styles for the dropdown box.

    dropDownStyle={{backgroundColor: '#fafafa'}}
  3. The containerStyle property.

    Use this to adjust the outer part of the picker such as margin, width, height, flex, ...

    containerStyle={{width: 150, height: 70}}
  4. The itemStyle property.

    If you want the labels on the left and right side or to centerize them:

    itemStyle={{justifyContent: 'flex-start|flex-end|center'}}
  5. The labelStyle property.

    This property gives full control over the label.

        fontSize: 14,
        textAlign: 'left',
        color: '#000'
  6. The selectedLabelStyle property.

    Changes the style of the selected item label.

        color: '#39739d'
  7. The placeholderStyle property.

    Style the placeholder text with this property.

        fontWeight: 'bold',
        textAlign: 'center'
  8. The activeItemStyle property.

    This property allows you to style the active item.

    activeItemStyle={{justifyContent: 'center'}}
  9. The activeLabelStyle property.

    This property allows you to style the active label.

    activeLabelStyle={{color: 'red'}}
  10. The arrowStyle property.

    Adds your additional styles to the View element of the arrow.

    arrowStyle={{marginRight: 10}}
  11. The searchableStyle property.

    Additional styles for the TextInput

    searchableStyle={{backgroundColor: '#dfdfdf'}}
  12. The searchablePlaceholderTextColor property.

    Assigns a new color to the placeholder text.

  13. The globalTextStyle property.

    You can style <Text /> elements globally.

        fontFamily: "MyFontName",
        fontSize: 15
  14. The childrenContainerStyle property.

    Style the children container View (See Category Support)

        paddingLeft: 30

RTL Support

  1. The selected item

    RTL Support

        flexDirection: 'row-reverse',
        textAlign: 'right',
  2. The dropdown items

    RTL Support

        flexDirection: 'row-reverse',
        justifyContent: 'flex-start',


How to close other pickers when opening another picker?

this.state = {
    isVisibleA: false,
    isVisibleB: false,


changeVisibility(state) {
        isVisibleA: false,
        isVisibleB: false,

// Picker A
    onOpen={() => this.changeVisibility({
        isVisibleA: true
    onClose={() => this.setState({
        isVisibleA: false


// Picker B
    onOpen={() => this.changeVisibility({
        isVisibleB: true
    onClose={() => this.setState({
        isVisibleB: false



Avoid using borderRadius and all the corners must be set separately.

    borderTopLeftRadius: 10, borderTopRightRadius: 10,
    borderBottomLeftRadius: 10, borderBottomRightRadius: 10
    borderBottomLeftRadius: 20, borderBottomRightRadius: 20

zIndex conflicts (Untouchable Items, Overlapping pickers)

  1. Using the containerStyle property to style the picker results in unexpected behaviors like untouchable items.

    The style and dropDownStyle properties must be used instead.
    Use the containerStyle prop to adjust the outer part of the picker such as margin, width, height, flex, ...

  2. Nested Views

    You have to add zIndex to the nested views which contain the picker.
    Note! zIndex locks the picker on Android, The solution is to use the Platform.OS

    import { Platform } from 'react-native';
            ...(Platform.OS !== 'android' && {
                zIndex: 10
        <DropDownPicker ... />


  3. DropDownPicker wrapped by <View style={{backgroundColor: ..., border[...]: ..., elevation: ...}}>
    These props will make your dropdown untouchable.
    Remove all the backgroundColor, border[...], elevation, ... style properties from the parent element.

  4. Multiple Pickers

    <DropDownPicker zIndex={5000} />
    <DropDownPicker zIndex={4000} />
    <DropDownPicker zIndex={3000} />

Dropdown Overflow

Adding borders to the component separates elements or may overflow. To solve this issue add marginTop to the dropDownStyle and specify the value which fits your UI well.

dropDownStyle={{marginTop: 2}}


Name Description Type Default Required
items The items for the component. array Yes
defaultValue The value of the default item. (If multiple={true}, it takes an array of pre-selected values: ['uk']) any Yes
placeholder Default text to be shown to the user when defaultValue={null} or defaultValue={[]} string 'Select an item' No
dropDownMaxHeight Height of the dropdown box. number 150 No
style Additional styles for the picker. object {} No
globalTextStyle Global text style. object {} No
dropDownStyle Additional styles for the dropdown box. object {} No
containerStyle Additional styles for the container view. object {} No
itemStyle Additional styles for the items. object {} No
labelStyle Additional styles for the labels. object {} No
selectedLabelStyle Additional styles for the selected label. object {} No
placeholderStyle Additional styles for the placeholder text. object {} No
activeItemStyle Additional styles for the active item. object {} No
activeLabelStyle Additional styles for the active label. object {} No
arrowStyle Additional styles for the arrow. object {} No
arrowColor The color of arrow icons string #000 No
arrowSize The size of the arrow. number 15 No
showArrow An option to show/hide the arrow. bool true No
customArrowUp Customize the arrow-up. func (size, color) => ... No
customArrowDown Customize the arrow-down. func (size, color) => ... No
customTickIcon Customize the tick icon for multiple item picker. func () => ... No
zIndex This property specifies the stack order of the component. number 5000 No
disabled Disables the component. bool false No
isVisible Open or close the dropdown box. bool false No
autoScrollToDefaultValue If true, automatically scroll to defaultValue/first defaultValue (multiple) during first render of dropdown bool false No
multiple If set to true selecting multiple items is possible. bool false No
multipleText a Text to inform the user how many items have been selected. string %d items have been selected No
min Minimum number of items. number 0 No
max Maximum number of items. number 10000000 No
searchable Shows a TextInput to search for specific items. bool false No
searchablePlaceholder Default text to be shown to the user. string Search for an item No
searchablePlaceholderTextColor TextInput placeholder text color. string gray No
searchableStyle Additional styles for the TextInput object {} No
searchableError Shows a jsx element when nothing found. func () => <Text>Not Found</Text> No
onSearch Fires when you type something in the TextInput. func (text) => {} No
selectedLabelLength Specify length for the selected label. number 1000 No
labelLength Specify length for the labels. number 1000 No
labelProps Add props to the labels. object {} No
scrollViewProps Add props to the ScrollView object {} No
searchTextInputProps Add props to the search TextInput object {} No
offsetBottom Extra space on the bottom of the screen which is not possible to show dropdown on (bottom bar) number 0 No
containerProps Add props to the container view. object {} No
renderSeperator Separate items. func undefined No
controller Gives you access to the methods and properties. func (instance) => {} No
onOpen Fires when you open the picker. func () => {} No
onClose Fires when you close the picker. func () => {} No
onChangeItem Callback which returns item and index. The item is the selected object or an array of the selected values. func (item, index) => {} No
onChangeItemMultiple Callback which returns item. The item is an array of the selected objects. Only when multiple={true}. func (item, index) => {} No
onChangeList Changes the list of items. func (items, callback) => {} No
noTopRadius Removes the top radius when the picker is open. boolean true No
noBottomRadius Removes the bottom radius when the picker is open. boolean true No

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