Awesome Open Source
Awesome Open Source


Serverless discussion forum built with React, Redux and Firebase using refire and refire-app.

Base UI components are from excellent Elemental UI.

Live demo


  • Categories, boards and threads
  • Paging for boards and threads
  • Quoting when replying to posts
  • Thread and Post previews
  • Markdown support
  • Emoji support using :emoji: syntax 🔥
  • User profile pages
  • Login with Google, Facebook, Github & Twitter accounts
  • Admin tools (delete threads & single posts, lock/unlock threads)
  • CSS-in-JS styled components, fully themeable
  • Dark & light color themes
  • Upvoting single posts
  • Users can edit their own posts


  • Allowing boards and threads to be bookmarked properly
  • Search using redux-search
  • Image attachment upload to Firebase
  • Allowing users to edit their own thread titles
  • Single post linking
  • Show list of available emojis
  • Sticky threads
  • Thread and post tagging
  • Notifications
  • Reactions to posts with emojis
  • Improved admin section
  • Moderating
  • User editable theme

Deploying your own instance

  1. Create your new app in Firebase dashboard

  2. Copy and paste apiKey from your Firebase app console's Overview > Add Firebase to your web app to src/config.js

  3. Enable Sign-in providers you want to use in your Firebase app console's Authentication > Sign-in method settings

  4. Change projects.default value to your app name in .firebaserc

  5. Run npm install and npm run build

  6. Run npm run login to login to Firebase

  7. Run npm run bootstrap to copy the initial data structure to Firebase

  8. Run npm run deploy to deploy the app and security rules to Firebase

Running locally

npm start will start the development server on localhost:4000

Adding admin users

Create adminUsers path in your Firebase and set your admin user's uid as key and true as value:

"adminUsers": {
  "google:123456789": true

Customizing settings

You can edit default paging settings by changing settings/BOARD_PAGE_SIZE, settings/THREAD_PAGE_SIZE and settings/THREAD_PAGE_LIMIT.

You can configure date format by changing settings/DATE_FORMAT.

Custom forum name

Export siteName in ./src/config.js.

export const siteName = "My forum"

Security rules

Firebase security rules are defined in security-rules.bolt.

Use npm run build:rules to generate security-rules.json after making changes.

Use npm run deploy:rules to deploy security rules.



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