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This library is deprecated. We will no longer release new versions, fix bugs or accept pull requests. If you are looking to make your Home Assistant integration discoverable, use the zeroconf and SSDP manifest options.


NetDisco is a Python 3 library to discover local devices and services. It allows to scan on demand or offer a service that will scan the network in the background in a set interval.

Current methods of scanning:

  • mDNS (includes Chromecast, Homekit)
  • uPnP
  • Plex Media Server using Good Day Mate protocol
  • Logitech Media Server discovery protocol
  • Daikin discovery protocol
  • Web OS discovery protocol

It is the library that powers the device discovery within Home Assistant.

We are no longer accepting PRs that implement custom discovery protocols. Only PRs that use mDNS or uPnP are supported. See this issue


Netdisco is available on PyPi. Install using pip3 install netdisco.


From command-line:

python3 -m netdisco
# To see all raw data:
python3 -m netdisco dump

In your script:

from netdisco.discovery import NetworkDiscovery

netdis = NetworkDiscovery()


for dev in
    print(dev, netdis.get_info(dev))


Will result in a list of discovered devices and their most important information:

DLNA ['', '']
google_cast [('Living Room.local.', 8009)]
philips_hue ['']
belkin_wemo ['']

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