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Prestissimo6,33176452 years ago36February 16, 202038mitPHP
composer parallel install plugin
Vagrant Parallels979
3a month ago80August 18, 202112mitRuby
Vagrant Parallels Provider
Zsh Snap968
3 months ago8mitShell
⚡️ Znap! Fast, easy-to-use tools for Zsh dotfiles & plugins, plus git repos
Webpack Parallel Uglify Plugin4613382842 years ago27December 06, 20202JavaScript
A faster uglifyjs plugin.
Webpack Uglify Parallel143235934 years ago5September 15, 20175mitJavaScript
Identical to standard uglify webpack plugin, with an option to build multiple files in parallel
3 years agootherC++
A compute shader plugin that is capable of sorting positional data in parallel directly on the GPU.
Broccoli Babel Transpiler576,477193a month ago64April 07, 202218mitJavaScript
Broccoli plugin for Babel
Parallel Test Executor Plugin51
3 months ago19Java
Parallel test executor plugin
Pennylane Lightning4722 days ago16April 25, 202229apache-2.0C++
The PennyLane-Lightning plugin provides a fast state-vector simulator written in C++ for use with PennyLane
23 days agogpl-2.0C++
ExtIO plugin for Winrad/HDSDR connecting to librtlsdr's rtl_tcp
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prestissimo (composer plugin)

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This is a composer 1.x plugin that downloads packages in parallel to speed up the installation process.

Announcement: Composer 2 is now available!

This plugin is for Composer1; Composer2 is very fast on its own. Uninstall this plugin and update the Composer itself.


  • composer >=1.0.0 <2.0
  • PHP >=5.3, (suggest >=5.5, because curl_share_init)
  • ext-curl

Install, Updating & Upgrading

$ composer global require hirak/prestissimo


$ composer global remove hirak/prestissimo

Benchmark Example

288s -> 26s

$ composer create-project laravel/laravel laravel1 --no-progress --profile --prefer-dist



prestissimo ^0.3.x

Recognize composer's options. You don't need to set any special configuration.

Composer authentication

To avoid Composer asking for authentication it is recommended to follow the procedure on composer's authentication.

For you could also use an auth.json file with an oauth access token placed on the the same level as your composer.json file:

    "github-oauth": {


MIT License. See the LICENSE file.

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