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Restore data from mongodb-backup

Look at mongodb-restore-cli for command line usage, similar to mongorestore


Install through NPM

npm install mongodb-restore


git clone git://

[email protected] has been pulled out, so versions >= 1.3.0 and <= 1.4.1 are deprecate


inside nodejs project

var restore = require('mongodb-restore');

  uri: 'uri', // mongodb://<dbuser>:<dbpassword>@<dbdomain><dbport>/<dbdatabase>
  root: __dirname + '/dbName'



  • uri - String URI for MongoDb connection (default "required")
  • root- String Path where get the backup (default "required")
  • [parser] - String | Function Data parser (bson, json) or custom (default "bson")
  • [callback] - Function Callback when done (default "disabled")
  • [stream]- Object Get .tar file from Node stream (default "disabled")
  • [tar] - String Extract files from a .tar file (default "disabled")
  • [logger] - String Path where save a .log file (default "disabled")
  • [metadata] - Boolean Set metadata of collections as Index, ecc (default "false")
  • [drop] - Boolean Drop every collection from the target database before restoring the collection (default "false")
  • [dropCollections] - Boolean|Array Drop every collection from the target database before restoring if Boolean (similar to drop option), or selected collections if Array (default "false")
  • [options] - Object MongoDb options (default)


Take a look at my examples

License Apache2

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