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This open source, feature packed board is an all-in-one development kit for ultra low power Internet-of-Things research and prototyping. With a Cortex M4 microcontroller, BLE/ANT and 802.15.4 radio modules, sensing, battery charging, and tons of I/O, imix has everything you need to prototype and profile your next big IoT breakthrough. Pair imix with the Tock operating system to quickly develop secure embedded applications.



  • Codeveloped with Tock, a next-generation secure embedded operating system
  • ATMEL SAM4L low power microcontroller with a Cortex M4 core
  • NRF51422 radio with a Cortex M0 core for communication over Bluetooth Low Energy or ANT
  • AT86RF233 radio for communication over 802.15.4
  • Low power 3-axis linear accelerometer + 3-axis magnetometer
  • Temperature + humidity sensor
  • Digital light sensor
  • Serial-to-USB and native USB ports
  • Auditable True Random Number Generator
  • Individually turn each subsystem completely on or off
  • Easily measure the power consumption of each subsystem
  • Compatible with most Arduino shields
  • Integrated lithium polymer battery charger, and optional battery clips for the standard 18650 size

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